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Question #1243249694Monday, 25-May-2009
Category: ENTj Attraction
I would like to know what types are Male ENTJs usually most attracted to and if they tend to pursue the person they're interested in? -- French ENFP
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A1 essentially any type can be attracted to any other type physically, i see that manifested all the time where partners, or contflicting or illusionary yet the physical attraction keeps them commited psychologically Intp's offer an charming relation I find Isfp's funny, i'm not sure they're entirely useful but they're amusing. Intj can and usually do offer and interesting insight onto whatever i may be thinking i've found that with INFP's the relation can be a little strained i live with my cousin and he is an Enfp and it works okay although i realize the circle of benifit and i understand that if i dont give a little back which i can be prone to doing it can often grow stale, until of course i need something . . . (my extroverted logic mobilizes him) I find ESfp, to be cute, in their demeanor but fundamentally i cant see a long lasting and meaningful relationship occuring Ah and of course Isfj's are by far the most intoxicating, they are definitely the peanutbutter to my jelly if you catch my drift -- ENTJ
A2 I am an ISFP and participate in on line dating. I'd have to say that of all types I've conversed with, the ENTJ's seemed to be more interested in meeting me than the other types. However, they are to intimidating for a shy, gentle soul such as mine. -- Anonymous
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A3 Can a real ENTJ speak up here? - A Mexican ENFP -- Anonymous
A4 I know there are many missed typed as ENTJ , i am very sure that real ENTJ is so rare, but i know real ENTJ with love and marriage is different, because i read about many real ENTJs life, they are picky if anyone choose for him a girl, he want the girl of his vision or the fate himself choose for him, some cases he get married for a good reason strategically for his life wealth and start or socially for ally , he is faithful in all but will break once his principles,ethics,secrets,pride or any of his roles not followed , then the woman will out of his life and no tears, but only what stay after is good relation or friendship, like INTP but INTP will forgive for 3 times then say out , both ENTJ and INTP love many girls and stay with them for life very long once they accept, their Ethics are so high, and their princples are with high standard, we want women worship husband, but not literally, but want that devoted love and possession and be fully to husband, and never accept any traitor action ever, they will not forgive and make the authority takes action on or by himself if the system was ON for him, ENTJ love is great and endless and sound but he get it as a victory, ENTJ stamina is high physically and his charm sound and usually doing thing no other can do and also in love charge is important he is respected and great vision and decision and his greatness attract women, like INTP Mentally charm not boring, wise, have high esteem, creative of new ideas, modern, great mind and wizard for women. both have many women but by different ways and both faithful after they reach their high standards, and both ENTJ and INTP love women they come to them and ask for help or love or friendship or marriage!!, they consider women courage as awesome character but they let time and their unique analysis the judge for their final choice, so they married many women polygyny and may not due to some complex reasons, but they will be in relation soon or later or in NT love philosophy that u can't understand. -- ENTJ friend
A5 IxFx. We need to slow down in private life. -- ENTj
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