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Question #1242546155Sunday, 17-May-2009
Category: j/p Tests Typing
The Socionics type assistant scores me: conscious j and unconscious p in both normal and reverse modes so that my type remains unknown. The subsidiary question also troubles me as I don't know what to answer. What does this "conscious j and unconscious p mean? -- piccolo_michel
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A1 I have no idea what in the hell the type assistant is talking about regarding the 'unconscious p' thing, but I'm wondering (please correct me if i'm wrong), did you score as an INFj? I've realized over a long period of studying socionics that a person's personality type can be quickly recognized through the vocabulary they use. For instance, in your words "The Socionics type assistant scores me:" you clearly demonstrate as your suggestive function. Your other sentence seems to show other hints of your type: "The subsidiary question also troubles me ([Fi]) as I don't know what to answer ([Se] point of least resistance)." -- An ENFj
A2 Thanks for your answer. Scores from type assistant: ISxx (conscious), ISxx (unconscious).Turbo///XL (I took it twice): ISFj or ISTj. From descriptions of the meaning of the letters: ISFj. From profiles: ISFj (first choice) or ISTp (second choice). BTW a MBTI test I took twice scored me either ISFJ or ISTJ with a preference for SeNi (MBTI meaning of functions!!!) and "rationality" which is in a total disagreement with the MBTI theory!(the contradiction was admitted). Another MBTI-test scored me ISFJ with a dominant Ti (MBTI meaning) and also admitted the contradiction. My enneagram type is 5 for sure. It's the only thing which is sure. -- piccolo_michel
A3 Well Michael. Conscious j is measured from direct questions and is what you think you are or trying to act like, unconscious p is measured from your indirect responses and is what you don't actually realize you are like. It usually is more accurate if there is a conflict between conscious and unconscious result. Seeing that you switch between ISFj and ISTj, there is a very good chance you're p, ie ISFp (or maybe even ISTp). Your tendency to classify yourself as j maybe because of your present or past experiences with strict environments. -- Anonymous
A4 Thanks for your answers. In A2 I made a lapsus: I wanted to say ISxx in normal mode and ISxx in reverse mode. -- piccolo_michel
A5 There is no way an ISFp would be enneagram 5. ISTj is enneagram 6. -- Anonymous
A6 The choice between F and T led me to ISTp. The profiles from and could fit as well as the ISFj profiles, but the profile from doesn't fit at all. BTW every Socionics type or every MBTI type can be associated with every Enneagram type. But it's true several combinations are much more frequent than other ones, some combinations are extremely rare but not impossible. -- piccolo_michel
A7 How well do you relate to this profile? -- chalcedony
A8 It's the SLI profile which fit me the least badly. However my first choice remains ESI and SLI is my second choice. In both profiles there are many points which fit with me but too many point which doesn't fit so that I can't tell which one is MY TYPE. BTW I found also some (few) points which fit with me in the LSI, in the SEI, in the EII and in the ILI. -- piccolo_michel
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