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Question #1242546129Sunday, 17-May-2009
Category: ESTp ENTj Typing
How can u tell apart an ESTP from an ENTJ? -- Anonymous
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A1 Just listen to them. ENTJ's speech is more orderly, while ESTP's tend to blabber what's on their mind. ENTJ's are more abstract while ESTP's are more concrete. -- INTJ
A2 The easiest way is VIing them - ESTps usually have solid figures and their eyes are focused on one object, while ENTjs are slim, making a goofy impression. ESTps are ESps, that is, able to be quiet and as if not being there at all, with sudden outbursts of energy and loud speaking. They mostly tell stories, jokes, or comment on the situation. ENTjs are more systematically communicative. Also if you can tell apart Ips and Ijs, you can try looking if the person gets along better with Ips or Ijs. -- Anonymous
A3 I thought that the N part of the ENTJ makes them speak more random, abstract....and that the S in the ESTP is sequential -- Anonymous
A4 ESTP hav fat faces but entj hav slimmer ones.. -- Anonymous
A5 Once you figure out how works, you will have a really easy time distinguishing these types. ESTps have total confidence in their desires. They know what they want, and will do what it takes to get it. An ESTp is always busy getting what he or she wants (graduating from school, at work, at the gym, at the club, etc.). You will rarely hear an ESTp saying or thinking, "Yes, but don't try to force it..." They are very forceful people. ENTjs can seem like that, but although they have strong willpower, they are not nearly as certain about their desires. ENTjs will often (usually in private) vacillate about what they want, and question whether they are really on the right track. They have total confidence, however, in their competence, skills, and in their power to evaluate the effectiveness of any activity. Planning action is extremely important for ENTjs. ESTps are go-getters, pure and simple. -- ENTj
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