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Question #1241817435Friday, 8-May-2009
Category: Celebrities Typing
What type is Micheal Jackson? -- Simon the INFp
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A1 He's ISFP. -- Anonymous
A2 ISFP -- Kevin Johnny
A3 ISTp for sure. -- Anonymous
A4 ENFj -- An INFj
A5 Thriller -- ISTp
A6 has typed him as an ENFJ. He is rather effeminate and he loves the attention. -- infp
A7 A6: I'm not a psychiatrist, but could he love the attention, because his father never gave him any? -- Simon the INFp
A8 ISFP -- Anonymous
A9 A7 I thought about that possibility as well, and it could be. Though I still gravitate towards the idea of him being an ENFJ. His way of dressing was flamboyant and he would steer away from the mundane (like aging). Seemed to like fantasy, example his neverland ranch. -- Anonymous
A10 Michael was very shy when not performing on stage, so he surely was an I. Braintypes identifies him as INFP an I fully agree with this. -- Anonymous
A11 Extroverts can be shy just like introverts can be outgoing. Extroverts are energized by people and feel drained when alone and he seemed to be enegized when he was aroung people. -- Anonymous
A12 INFp raised to act like an ENFj. i mean the guy obviously had self-image problems, referring to all that plastic surgery. and probably started behaving more ENFjish as a response from pressure from his parents and the outside world. as in ENFj to the public, INFp deep down. that's what i believe anyways, but i theorize too much. -- "Beat It" was his best song imo!
A13 My INFP friend and I both agree that he was an INFP! -- entpreter
A14 A12 you could b right. Or maybe he was at the borders of the E/I and J/P continuum which made him jump so easily from one to the other. don't worry I theorize all the time too! -- infp
A15 I change my typing from May, I do think he was more likely INFp than ENFj. Like A12 posted, the pressure to perform probably played a part in his onstage persona, as well as the drugs he was supposedly taking -- An INFj
A16 He liked animals and children...Total Sensor. ISFP. -- moss icon
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A17 He displays a lot of Fi in his interviews and songs...but maybe that is more to do with the nature of song writing and interviews than with his personality. -- S
A18 ABC. Easy as 1-2-3. -- Anonymous
A19 He is an ENTj, easy to mistake with ISFp. -- dr Freud
A20 what!? MJ and NT? Naaahh...He was more like NF. Humane and fantasy oriented. -- Anonymous
A21 ISFP -- elle
A22 ENTP! -- Anonymous
A23 Yes A20, you're right. His strong fantasism seems Ni. But can't Ni+Te types be humane like he was, too? -- Anonymous
A24 Micheal Jackson, ESTP, "Star Quality", grandiosity -- jgbr
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