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Question #1240252841Monday, 20-Apr-2009
Category: Happiness Personality Intertype Relations
What's Stress do to a type? Does stress really make some one act like their opposite type? so an INTj becomes an ESFp when under stress? Or does something else entirely happen? -- JWC3
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A1 If anything, I think the opposite happens - people act LESS like their opposite type. Under stress, I think people tend to stop relying on their weaker functions, as they might fail and make things worse. So an INTj under stress would become more introverted, trying to analyze the source of his stress and figure out how to fix the problem. An extrovert like the ESFj or probably the ESFp, on the other hand, would become more extroverted, trying to find someone or something out there in the world to help fix the problem. -- Krig (INTj)
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A2 Just a theory, but what if someone resorts to their hidden agenda function to relieve anxiety? However, as a habit, it will only deepen type-troubles rather than resolve them. Opinions, anyone? -- Anonymous
A3 wow, Krig, you hit it right on! I replied to another Q&A about ESTp and INFj and mentioned that when having a conflict (MEGA-STRESS-ZONE!!) with an ESTp, I as an INFj, use less and less Se, and eventually Ti. I become weaker in every sense. On the other hand, when I'm NOT stressed, I use more Se, to the point that I have a "break out" ESTp moment, when I stop caring so much about what everything thinks and can relax. If you would like to read more about this, check out Q #1252672193. That is the question where the ESTp "break out" is mentioned. -- *INFj* female or ENFp
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