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Question #1240252681Monday, 20-Apr-2009
Category: ENFp INFp
i can't tell whether i am a ENFP or an INFP. really whether i am introverted or extroverted has a lot to do with my surroundings, who i'm with and how comfortable i am. is it possible to be in between? or both? -- Anonymous
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A1 Hi, I am also not sure as to whether I'm an ENFP/INFP... And I've seen LOTS of people over the net being confused as to whether they're an ENFP/INFP. The most useful bit of info I heard that was, if you are between the I and E (ie you're slightly I/slightly E), you are most likely an ENFP. Whereas INFPs tend to be extreme Is. ENFPs are after all called the shy extroverts for a reason... Also ENFPs have stong Fis, we are aware of others' feelings and so do not want to hurt them, as a result we are prone to shyness, so this could lead to confusion that we are Is. How much do you care about what others think of you? ENFPs tend to be very conscious of what people think of them and want to be liked by everyone. For example if you got a compliment about your character, would it please you? Or would it not matter to you? I wish I knew more about categorizing between an ENFP and INFP but I really am not sure myself, so if any1 knows some good points, please post them!! -- ENFP
A2 Consider group dynamics: ENFp tend to prefer settings in which different people are able to faction off and do different things without necessarily expressing any particular collective emotion; INFp tend to prefer groups in which everybody is doing the same thing and there is an obvious exchange of positive emotions. Consider relations to other types: ENFp will usually get along well with ESTj and INFj; INFp will usually get along well with ISTj and ENFj. Consider the Hidden Agenda: ENFp will try to accumulate as much knowledge as possible so as to be efficient in day-to-day affairs (Te); INFp will try to logically reduce as many events as they can so they can get an understanding of how things work (Ti). Finally, consider the creative functions: ENFp will always try to respect the feelings of other people and will not push buttons or joke in times of distress (Fi); INFp will also try and find ways to cheer other people up, but usually in a more joking or "look to tomorrow" manner (Fe). Hope this helps! -- INFp guy
A3 I see the difference between I and E as a matter of energy recovery/consumption. I can certainly enjoy talking with family and friends, but it does tend to drain me after a bit. However, I can always relax quite well by just sitting alone in a room with a good book. I/E isn't always a matter of how social you are, I believe. It's more of a matter of how you recharge your batteries: alone or with others? -- INFP
A4 Introverts can behave like extroverts and they usually become more extroverted while they age. If whether you are extroverted or introverted depends on whether you surroundings and comfort level then that makes you an introvert. Extroverts usually open up to most people all the time as that is what makes them comfortable... -- - ISTP
A5 Both are likely present but one would be more prevalent or natural - how often does a right-handed person use his left and how comfortable is he doing that? Your F is introverted when you value your own feelings more than those of others; you would care for others primarily because it makes you feel good, not because you necessarily sympathize. Your N is extroverted if you tend to collect information for future reference because of its potential, rather than for immediate use. -- I/O
A6 A5: In your final sentence, are you not referring to Ni? -- INFp guy
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A7 A6, No, I think introverted N is more of a real-time function while extroverted is more of a collector function. Both acquire knowledge/capability but the former gets it more efficiently through experiences while the latter more through study. -- I/O
A8 So A7; would an ENFP or INFP come across as "knowledgeable"? I am bordering on both and certainly aren't knowledgeable, although I know a little about lots of different things. Ask me for any facts/stats and for anything that I haven't looked at, there's no chance of getting any!! -- E or I NFP
A9 I would think that INFp would appear more personally skilled or adept but perhaps naïve, while the ENFp would appear more worldly and knowledgeable - given they experienced similar living environments. INFp would be more likely to actively listen to others so will gain a lot of knowledge indirectly where ENFp would actively seek it on their own (some say nosey) but march to their own drum. -- I/O
A10 A5 you just cleared up a problem I was having with determining if a friend of mine was an ENFP or INFP. Both INFP that I know very well fit that discription on interverted F. Would that apply to all inverted feelers or just NF's I have an INFJ friend who is the same, she values more for her own feelings and will care for someone elses because it makes her feel good. Would an INTP or an INTJ value their own knowledge more than others? -- Anonymous
A11 I think the best way to differentiate between INFP and ENFP is to examine your childhood. For INFP, your Fi will be dominant, and that means you will mostly be introverted and sensitive. For ENFP, Ne will be dominant, so you would be more out there catalyzing people, thinking cross contextually etc. As we grow older, we develop the secondary functions etc. more and our dominant type probably becomes less obvious. So fundamentally, the big question here is whether you were more Introverted or Extroverted when you were young? Funny that so many INFP/ISFPs have responded to this... -- MATT- INFp
A12 A10, I think that INTp would have more faith in their own intuition (knowledge) but would want to bounce their rationalizations off others in order to determine what to do with the knowledge. INTj would be somewhat sceptical about their knowledge but would trust only their own logic when determining what must be done with it. -- I/O
A13 A11 you are speaking of MBTI INFPs! with FiNe. Socionics INFps have NiFe. Fi and Fe DON'T MEAN the same things in MBTI and Socionics so that MBTI ENFPs aren't exactly as Socionics ENFps and neither MBTI INFPs nor MBTI INFJs are the same as Socionics INFps. ENFps and ENFPs are initiating, i.e they take the initiative of an action or a contact. INFxs are responding, i.e they expect other people to take the initiative of actions or contacts. "E" and "I" have nothing to do with being outgoing or not. -- piccolo_michel
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