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Question #1240252541Monday, 20-Apr-2009
Category: Duality Dating Genes Love Socionics
I'm a socionics enthusiaist like so many here on this website and well as I was interested in this girl and I noticed her socionic type and that we are were each others duals and we certaintly experienced the stages of duality (transformation) but only so far as the relationship has now ended. I wanted to hear an honest answer from a long time friend and she said I go for the wrong girls. In truth the power of socionics is no match for the dating scene - in this case and previous cases. I'm curious: I believe modern science explains that mate selection occurs on a genenic level and that we seek a partner who's immunity is complimentary to our own and is mutually beneficial - selection occurs subconsciously through the olfactory senses (the nose). One partner has a high immunity to certain sets of illness that the other partner has a low immunity to and vice versa, providing the strongest possible immune system for their for procreations (I mean a child). I do believe this coincides neatly with information metabolism and relations of duality. Basically I think duality is symmetrical just like what modern genetic science tells us about mate selection and that socionics has found a friend - duality is certaintly a psychological phenomenon and perhaps could be a biologically phenomenon in the same way via symmetry. I'm curious: do you think socionics has a natural understanding of relationships as I do? that socionics is similar to nature v nurtue? -- Anonymous
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A1 yeah well the way i see it, my duals are my duals because they have completely different genes than myself, and therefore different immune system, physique and chemicals in their brains and so on. i see socionics in symmetry with the immune system theory. and ISTp chicks smells nice -- sorryformycrappyenglish/enfp
A2 Is it possible to know if someone's immune system is complementary to yours using VI? -- Anonymous
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