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Question #1239948188Friday, 17-Apr-2009
Category: ENFp INFp INFj ADD/ADHD j/p
Hello, I have been reading into Socionics for a few months now. Recently, I have become unsure of my type. I am not entirely sure if I am an ENFp, INFp, or an INFj. Can anyone help me find out which one I might be? This would be very much appreciated. One thing that makes it difficult for me to find out what I am is that I have ADD... My room is in constant disorganization (though I don't particularly like it this way) but when I clean it, I usually go all the way to make sure that it is absolutely spotless. I dislike postponing decisions, which seems more of a judging characteristic, but I tend to sometimes be impulsive and not well disciplined, which seems like a perceiving characteristic. I have also come to suspect recently that I am an introvert, as I tend to relate everything to myself and my experiences and understanding of things... However, pretty much every one in my family tells me I am an extrovert (this, based on the common understanding of the words introvert and extrovert, not necessarily the socionics understanding.) They tell me I'm an extrovert because I love people and companionship so much and so to them I seem outgoing... though, to me, to initiate contact with a complete stranger, especially the first time I meet them, seems like an expenditure of effort rather than the natural thing to do. Um... I can be very silly and goofy sometimes. I love people, and I enjoy getting to know them well-though my circle of real, true friends is not very vast. Thanks! -- NF something or other.
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A1 Being a ENFP or INFP is a bit of a grey area for me so I can't help you with that one. Although thinking about it, I can help you a little, what do you think of small talk? INFPs seem to hate it and like to go into 'deep' conversations. Whereas ENFP are more likely to speak to a lot of people, but not very deeply. Also, it is known that ADD is common in ENFPs. As for being a J/P, is shown through your leaisure activivites.. Are they always planned and if so do you stick to this 'plan', or are you more flexible and often do things just cos you feel like it at that moment. E.g. a J would go to the gym everyday at 11 am, whereas a P would just go when they felt like it. Also (i'm not sure if this is true or not), Ps tend to be flexible with people. They let people do what they want and aren't too judgemental, therefore if you're a control freak, you're a J. Also like you mentioned Ps are disorganised, do you turn up to school/college/work late sometimes? Or do you always turn up 15minutes beforehand to make sure you're never late? Last q = J. -- ENFP
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A2 Interesting... I *love* deep conversations. It rarely matters with whom I am holding the conversation; if the conversation is deep, I enjoy it. As far as small talk goes, I don't exactly hate it, but it does begin to irritate me when the only type of conversation I can ever have with a person is about the weather. Concerning j/p, I can be late at times but it is rarely more than just a couple minutes late, and often I am on time or maybe just a little early. Often if I am late it is because someone in my family delayed... but to be fair, sometimes it is my fault as well. I'm not usually judgemental and tend to accept people for who they are, but my sister always complains about me being the worst control freak in the kitchen when we're cooking. Also when someone else cleans the bathroom I hate it because they don't do the job right, it usually is not quite as clean as I think it should be. When I don't have something scheduled for a certain day already, then I may say "Hey sis, wanna go to Starbucks?" kinda random and outta the blue... I also tend to be a procrastinator, but as far as I have seen procrastination isn't always affected by j/p. Like my mom is an INTj but she can procrastinate a lot sometimes. And then there are times, like recently when I sewed a dress, that I started the project and could barely think of anything else and was always focusing on the project and highly prioritizing it until it was done... But then there's my horribly disorganized room, and one would think that if I were an INFj (especially since I am female) I would keep it cleaner than it is. hm... I think at this point, I am probably leaning towards INFp, but I would very much appreciate further input so I can be sure. Thanks so much! -- NF something or other
A3 Maybe an INFj. They can sometimes be mistaken for extroverts. -- ISFj
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