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Question #1239314137Thursday, 9-Apr-2009
Category: Celebrities Typing
What type was Freddy Mercury of the band Queen? -- Anonymous
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A1 INFP or INFJ. Maybe ISFP, but I think he's too dramatic. Either way, he's definitely an Introvert (many accounts say he was very shy in person) and he's definitely a Feeler. -- Anonymous
A2 ISFp -- durh
A3 INTj, absolutely -- Anonymous
A4 ENFj, maybe INFp, but the first is more likely -- An INFj
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A5 Definitely an introvert from Alpha quadra. -- INTj laddie
A6 Freddy Mercury was an ENTJ. -- Anonymous
A7 It's a laughable notion that someone with the amount of emotion in his voice could be considered anything but enfj. -- an INFp
A8 So to answer your question, it appears that nobody knows -- Anonymous
A9 they have him as an ENFj also.. and they actually give a description -- Anonymous
A10 Freddy Mercury, ESFP, Entertainer, Gregarious Self-Image, Interpersonally Attention-Seeking, Expressively Dramatic -- jgbr
A11 jgbr, how could you come to that conclusion using those words? that could easily be the description of an ENFj, which is far more likely, or at least an NF of the Beta quadra. are you saying that being an entertainer makes you more likely to be ESFp? that's far from the truth. you also said prince was an ESFp, sarah palin was an ESTp, michael jackson an ESTp "because professional dancing and singing requires strong Se".. frankly your posts are getting rather annoying. you know you don't have to put a video in every other post you do, and when you ask for help typing someone... maybe you should think of their suggestions a little more before you say "nope. incorrect"... you must not have a very clear understanding of socionics, because for every post that you declare someone is "incorrect" about a type, i see at least two more of YOURS claiming that so-and-so is "XXXx" when you really have no idea what you're saying. -- Anonymous
A12 My posts may be annoying but they are becoming exceedingly accurate. Typing videos is an excellent exercise and when I submit a question I already know the answer. You are right I need to be more tactful with other people. Of course not all entertainers are ESFPs. I could give example for each type. I suggest you to put together lots of Al Pacino, Bill Clinton, Boy George, Elton john, Myke Myers and Freddy Mercury images and try to find the similarities. -- jgbr
A13 no they are annoying because they are so often inaccurate. typing videos... not music videos. you use interview videos. music videos are staged, and impersonal. your problem is not your tactfulness. it's that you think you're right when really you are not and you should perhaps study more socionics before you even attempt saying someone else is don't even uncapitalize the last letter :/ and no, freddy mercury is more than likely ENFj. instead of listening to you i think i will listen to and compare, say.. freddy mercury with david bowie, rod stewart, michael jackson, bono, steve tyler... etc. this is what they say about freddy mercury. Flamboyant, extravagant, charismatic, brooding. His voice had great emotional power. The wacky costumes and prancing around onstage are typical of EIE performers. Also, his voice had a thin, piercing quality as opposed to, say, the thicker, sexier voices of SEEs. Although he relished in the adoration of the crowd, his off-stage personality was actually quite restrained. He was also known for being sensitive, easily impressionable, and often suspicious and paranoid. Had an awkward smile because of extra teeth in his top row, and added a moustache to help conceal it. -- Anonymous
A14 A13. The following image portrays a flamboyant, extravagant, charismatic, brooding, attention-seeking and melodramatic ESFP male. -- jgbr
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