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Question #1239143755Tuesday, 7-Apr-2009
Category: ENFp ISFj Intertype Relations Love
I am an ENFP in a relationship with an ISFJ man. Are we a hopeless match? HELP!! We have had a lot of arguments. He thinks I cause him too much drama but I love him to death!! No matter what we always seem to end up back together. -- Anonymous
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A1 "Are we a hopeless match?" Aren't you and your boyfriend the only ones who can answer this question? -- INTj laddie
A2 I have been in a long term "friendship" with an ISFJ man and the best advice I can give you is never expect them to disclose their true feelings, or give you the total honesty and physical affection your ENFP heart yearns for. He is a chilly person who runs warm and cold and seems to be emotionally unavailable a large portion of the time. Everything that I have read says how the ISFJ type is so warm and giving, but I have never experienced this. As an ENFP I just need so much more than he will ever be willing to give. Hope your experience is much better than mine. -- Done with the ISFJ
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A3 ENFp-ISFj is a relation of Supervision, with ENFp as the Supervisor, and ISFj as the Supervisee. Relations of Supervision are not generally the best for close long-term relationships (such as romantic relationships), but if you're both committed enough and work hard enough at it, it's not impossible to make it work. For more information on relations of Supervision, see here: and here: -- Krig (INTj)
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