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Question #1238835502Saturday, 4-Apr-2009
Category: Typing Celebrities
What type is Prince? -- Anonymous
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A1 Basketball and pancakes -- Anonymous
A2 probably ESFp -- Anonymous
A3 entp. lolz @ A1 -- Anonymous
A4 Prince is an INFp. -- Anonymous
A5 I think he might be an ENFJ. -- Anonymous
A6 It is weird because I actually believe he is more integrated than most people. In his case, both ENFJ and ISTJ. After coming to that conclusion, I later found evidence that during an interview, he even claimed to feel like he has "two selves" or "two personalities" inside! -- Anonymous
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A7 'two personalities' inside doesn't necessarily mean dualized personalities. more likely to be a T and F, or S and N, or E and I dichotomy, e.g. ENFj and ESFj. -- S
A8 A6: He sounds mentally ill, lol. -- Simon the INFp
A9 @A7, of course not; but if you compare his photos with the many socionics type caricatures and consider his strengths and career success, a perfect ENFJ+ISTJ synthesis fits. This is also in keeping with the normal path of individual that leads to optimal health, enhanced personal power and success, which he certainly has had. -- A6
A10 I think Prince is an INFP. Michael Jackson is an ISFP. -- Anonymous
A11 @A8, maybe by old stereotypes at first glance - yes, I do see what you're saying. But remember to that every type function exists in every person ... Plus, there are schools of psychological as well as spiritual thought ch whiidealize the integration of these various sides of the self during one's "path" of development - e.g., integrating the shadow self, etc. Or so I've encountered in various readings. -- A6
A12 Prince Rogers Nelson, ESFP, excessive emotionality and attention seeking, They live in an emotional world, like to be seen and noticed, enjoy their sexuality -- jgbr
A13 A12, that also describes an INFp. -- Anonymous
A14 There is NOOOO way Prince is an extrovert. He likes his carefully crafted persona to recieve a lot of attention but Prince the guy lives a very private life. Either INFp or ISFp. -- Anonymous
A15 my guess would be ENFj cuz he seems to have strong Fe -- Anonymous
A16 Prince is shy during interviews but quite wild on the stage. He is a dramatic, attention seeking ESFP. -- jgbr
A17 NF of the delta quadrant. dramatic, that is used to describe Fe. ESFp's creative function is Fi not Fe. and A6.. no one can have two personality types. not even prince. -- Anonymous
A18 infp - my guess -- Anonymous
A19 I have to correct my mistakes A12, A16. Prince Rogers Nelson, American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor (MBTI: INFP), (Socionics: Yesenin), "The Idealist", emotionally reactive, Perceptive, Creative, Likes harmony, Guided by strong inner sense of values, socially intrusive, socially buoyant etc. -- jgbr
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