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Question #1238506435Tuesday, 31-Mar-2009
Category: Type me!!! INFp ENFp E/I
What are the major differences between enfps and infps? I am strongly confused as to whether I'm an E/I. In most tests I take I come out as an ENFP but sometimes INFP, which has confused me. As at times I can be very loud and open (ie at work or school), yet I have my own private side to my life (like taking personality tests). -- Anonymous
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A1 my experience, introverts almost always know themselves to be such, whereas extraverts are usually confused as to which they might be. That said, here are a few traits to look for. ENFP: cannot stay focused on one task for long periods of time; loves variety; loves coming up with ideas/alternatives/solutions related to a single problem; has an internal understanding of what is considered good/bad and is not afraid to defend this understanding; seeks to know as many things as possible and use this knowledge efficiently in day-to-day affairs; loves it when people provide them with activities that feel good since this is not a natural strength. INFP: can focus on one topic for long stretches of time; constantly looks at the big picture; seeks an understanding of how they fit into the world and where the world is headed; tries to be nice and friendly to others and is not overly concerned with what is good/bad; seeks to fully understand how things work from a logical point of view; loves it when people get them to jump into things without any foresight since this is not a natural strength. Alternatively, you might consider which of ISTp/ESTp you get along with better; ISTp=ENFp, and ESTp=INFp. Hope this helped! -- INFp guy
A2 Thanks for the response A1. Pretty much all the ENFP traits you've listed I agree with and most of the INFP I agree with. I would say I'm an ENFP, but only slightly/moderately E. But, if any of you have any knowledge on INFP/ENFP difs please give me the info, as I really need this cleared up I definetly get energized by social interaction and crowds. I also am fixated on others' feelings/thoughts and very interested in how others come to be who they are today. But I didn't used to and I do everntually need my downtime. -- Anonymous ENFP
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