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Question #1238354136Sunday, 29-Mar-2009
Category: INTp Statistics Socionics
Why are there so many INTPs on this site? On the stats, an overwhelming percent of the people who take the Turbo test get INTP. Is this a flaw in the exam, or are INTPs just generally attracted to the idea of Socionics? -- another INTP
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A1 Are you talking about someone with Ti/Ne(INTj) or Ni/Te(INTp)? -- INTj laddie
A2 er - INTp. Is there a difference, then, between the capital P's and lowercase P's? I had no idea... -- another intp
A3 Socionics tends to attract NTs because it is an abstract logical idea, which is our area of strength. It especially attracts Introverted NTs because of its alluring promise of helping us to understand social relationships, which we are generally terrible at. I'm not sure why it would attract more INTps than INTjs, though, especially since INTps tend to be more skeptical about putting people into strictly defined categories. -- Krig (INTj)
A4 Yeah I would love to hear their reasons to be here too! -- Anonymous
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A5 The capital P/J and lower p/j are used by the MBTI and Socionics system, respectively, and each 4 letter combination denotes different function usage for Introvertes between the two systems. Often, one is never sure which functions a person is attempting to denote when they write INTP since many people don't understand this difference and the implications it has in terms of useful and accurate dialogue. That being said, it seems to me that Ni as a rule is a function which seeks to find an overarching theory of everything, or Grand Unification Theory. It seeks to put a huge wholistic picture of the entire universe together. Ti does this as well, but in a reductionist manner; the simplest way to explain it all, whereas Ni wants to include every detail into the mix. For Ni, the Socionics system is a means for gaining part of that Theory of Everything since it deals with the interpersonal realm. -- INTj laddie
A6 While INTP's disregard the notion of generalizations, they are in fact gluttons for knowledge. All it takes is a mild interest and a wealth of information and off they go. Also social structure is a complex organized system. If a human is a node then the actions of that node works out to an outcome that affects the complex system. Understanding the individual actions of each node equates to a better understanding of the complex system. A better understanding leads to better manipulation such that we can be a better architects of that system. Add in a little obsession and socionics is like weed to the INTP. -- Anonymous
A7 A6 Perfect... truly perfect -- Jennifer
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