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Question #1233944700Friday, 6-Feb-2009
Category: Statistics
What's your type and age, and what do you think about when you're on your own and have nothing to do? (Or when you have time to think). -- Simon the INFp
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A1 I'm the same and in my early 20s. Watch the Truman Show. Where did I come from? How can they really be my parents? How is taking this step affecting my surroundings? How does my handwriting in the sky look today? Do those people across the road looking this way realize how silly they look when they expect me to face them with direct eye contact? -- Anonymous
A2 I'm supposedly an ENTP although I never test as one. Twenty six years old. What do I think about ? Mostly my thoughts are racing like mad just to meet at the crossroads and crash -, which gets me quite euphoric. But yes, to the point, said the young prince when he passed by. I often converse with "meself". I'm even doing it right now and it looks something like this: "Question/Answer. Question/Answer. Question/Answer." I do not agree with "having nothing to do" - I always have something going on. "Time to think" - Hmm. Do you actually haven't got the "time" to think - or was it meant in a biological way ? -- Nodder56
A3 I'm in my late 20's and think about opportunities missed. I wonder about how things would of been if i went back in time and did things differently. -- infp
A4 A2, copy that, older than you though, much older, so if you are on the "converse with your self" trip of spending some idle time, or even adding into occupied time, it will keep on, I guarantee you. I still do it, although I endeavour to not converse with my core self as per se, but to an extended variety, idealistically unbiased "adverserie" for testing and challenging my often obscure and radical, (I just call them inventive) point of wiews and creative solutions of the world hardship problems in any way shape or form they might have. Which is quite interesting, and educating for me, but probably would have been percieved as disturbing mildly put for a casual uninvited observer; Like in a truck cab back home, on the country side 20 years ago or such, among other opportunities for such mono > percieved dialogues; "Oh, yeah!? (hitting fist in steering wheel), You got it all f***ed up there, I tell you!" type of arguments when the content becomes stressed to the limits. Which is counterproductive in every aspect of interest, but very understandable when handling two very important but polar wiewsf, a locking situation. So then 'we' (back to I again and reestablishing an adversary) need to reset it all, and start over again, if time permits. Awesomely educating and skill enhancing, but you now that. It is a matter of taking charge over mind. -- ENTp
A5 I'm a female INFj. Though I'm 54 now, I have always wondered about the future of mankind in my "thinking time". I think about the possibilites...of the now and of the future, in Life and in Death, on Earth, and amongst the Heavens. I had premonitions as a child, and I still do. I recently found a journal from my childhood. At the age of 10, I had written that I wished I could travel through time, travel into space, and know what the future held. So age, really didn't change who I was "inside" myself, I still wonder about those things. -- infj
A6 I'm ENFJ/j, I'm 17 and when I'm have "nothing to do" I think about many things, but specially about my family, friends and people. I remember opinions and stories and I start to laugh and to repeat funny quotes they say. I also think about their problems. Another thing that I do is to listen to music and start dancing to it, in secret so nobody sees me xD. -- Anonymous
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A7 I feel about 300 years old today, on my own I tend to think about food that I like, places I like going, and that the recessions a bit annoying at times. -- Anonymous
A8 35, INTP. I saw the Truman Show when it was in the theaters. I need to see that again; I don't remember much. When I have free time and nothing to do, I think about people (memories/fantasies). No kidding. When I'm doing just about any kind of Se task, my mind becomes videographic-I can be paying the bills or mowing the lawn, but I'm watching little vignettes in my head. Depending on the situation, I can easily sit in front of my computer or at the dining room table and stare into space for a 24-hour period or even days. When I need to pay attention to something a little on the Se side and not routine, though, I find that writing things down verbatim helps to manage some of the drifting. -- Anonymous
A9 I'm 23, and an ESFp. I usually keep myself occupied with things like reading (specifically on my interests of art and design or bios on interesting classic movie stars) and internet surfing when I'm alone, and tend to think about things related to college, travel, business and love/passion, as well friends. -- Jas, ESFp girl
A10 I'm 17 and an ENTp. My thoughts go all over the place but ever since i learned about socionics, I'm always thinking about socionics. All the time. It won't stop. -- Anonymous
A11 I'm 18 and I'm an eithr an INTP or a shy extrovert. Im always thinking about things i could create or learn, i'm alwyas wondering about things, i get bored a lot when I'm alone, i reflect on my past, think about who i am, theorize, try and put things together, and plenty of other things, which i really couldn't list as it's pretty much endless -- Emily
A12 I'm an ENFP and 19. Generally, I attempt to develop concepts (or values) which allow for me to better organize my life. When I'm not doing this, I'm probably waisting my time gathering the small amounts of social credit scattered among the internet. As you see here. But my thoughts generally dissolve large or mysterious concepts into smaller pieces, which allows for me to theorize on a wide array of topics. Mostly I'm interested in a system which is capable of reconstructing every existing system, sort of like a system all have in common. It would then be applied to an area, so as to copy it's structure and efficiently provide information for achieving a goal or endpoint. Such as for enlightenment of Physics, or Art creation. -- ManeatingCouch
A13 ENFp, 20. When I "have nothing to do" I'm either running out of procrastinatory activities for some urgent task or just can't decide where to focus my attention next. -- ENFp, 20
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