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Question #1233918263Friday, 6-Feb-2009
Category: ISTp IXTx women
I've never met an ISTp girl until recently. She complains about being single from time to time, but I have seen firsthand how she pushes away potential suitors even though she really likes them. She does this to her friends and family as well by cutting off communication for a while, then re-establishing it. Before I read about an ISTp's hidden agenda, I couldn't understand this confusing behavior. Do other ISTp women also behave in a similar fashion? How did you step out of your comfort zone to learn to love and how long did it take you? Which personality types (for e.g. your dual) make it much easier to step out? -- Anonymous
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A1 I know two ISTp women, one of which is my aunt and one is a friend. My aunt is much older and a great person. She adopted two kids when she was 16 (she was single at this time). She dated a guy when she was 23 which lasted 8 months and then met my uncle when she was 28 and got engaged in the same year, and married in 4 months. They have been married for 7 years and are one of the most happy and "madly in love" couple I know. She used to be obese in high school and had severe self esteem issues; in senior year a guy she had a major crush on for years made fun of her for her weight, and her world crumbled. So she started working out and dieting and lost a ton of weight. She says after being married she is much more secure and happy. My uncle was already married to another woman but divorced her when he met my now aunt. My former aunt has tried to break them up but my ISTp aunt wouldn't have any of it. She says my uncle stands by her and she stands by him, and thats all that matters to her. She has two kids of 5 and 2 with him. My ISTp female friend is 22 years old and dating my friend on and off for 3 years. She keeps breaking up with him by pulling the "I think you deserve better" card and then comes back asking if he would take her back. She recently told him she wanted to marry him, so he proposed, but she denied. She has also said that he is The perfect guy for her. So maybe it is a "that point in life" thing where you come to a realization and/or circumstances. I wouldn't worry much about it, she will come around to settling down with who she deems worthy. -- Anonymous
A2 Err I meant to say she adopted two children when she was 19, not 16. -- A1
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