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Question #1233851010Thursday, 5-Feb-2009
Category: Marriage ENFp ENTj INFj Advice
I am deciding on whether to marry an entj or infj. I admired entj because of his capability to take care of me but he seems pretty full with himself and we do not share the same passsion. I do love that he is ambitious as i am. With him, i feel like i am the queen and he's the king. On the other hand, i came to know an infj who acts like an infj socially but when he is working, he acts and have the capabilities of an intj. He listens to me and tries to give me everything i want. He tolerates with my temper and my fickle-mind. We share great conversations together but sometimes i feel like the gender roles are reversed when i am with him. He is kinda emotional and i constantly need to comfort him. And i seem to be the one to be "lead" in the relationship and it feels weird. I have broken up with both of them and now they are proposing to me at the same. I don't know who to decide and i don't wanna make any mistakes that i'll regret. Please help-Enfp -- Enfp
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A1 Ok, this seems rather vague, but Words of wisdom from your istp dual: If you don't know who to marry, then don't marry either of them. -- Anonymous
A2 Seriously, GROW UP! This aint your identitym, its your arketype. you cant use this as a guide book to run your fregging life... Some cry babies should be put in jail.. -Official ENFP oppinion about people getting struck by the FORER EFFECT:.... -- Master ENFP-
A3 Chill dude! The poor lady's only asking for an opinion...she has never mentioned she is depending on this to run her life. By the way, are you sure you are even an enfp? A master enfp in fact? For an opinion like that you should be locked in jail! You are a disgrace to enfps! Well, for that lady, I would say that just take your time to smell the flowers and do not rush. When you love someone, you love them whole heartly, not based on certain aspect. I wish you the best. -- True Enfp
A4 I hope it ends bad. I really hate you xNFP types. Indecisive, airhead, scumbags... -- Anonymous
A5 @A4 - Wow, that was... unnecessary. -- Krig (INTj)
A6 A4: I take it that will help you sleep at night! -- INFp
A7 I picked the entj in the end.. =) -- Enfp
A8 How can you hate an entire class of type (xNFP)? Wow. That post says so much more about you than about NFPs. -- Bee, Enfp
A9 You have a third option; you can always choose not to marry either of them. That makes the dilemma really easy to solve. -- INTj laddie
A10 Go for the ENTj ;] I wish my own ENFp would of chosen me -- ENTj
A11 You are going to be divorced in ten years. -- infj
A12 marriage is a pretty big step. if you're not sure, you should wait and figure it out -- ISFj
A13 Why did you chose the ENTj in the end? Sadly, I'm not surprised that these two guys you were cheating on with eachother proposed to you. ENFp's get away with everything! -- ENFp
A14 I'm more fascinated that you are planning a marriage between two people, is this an arranged marriage or something? Woman, consider what you want for the future, and it's probably someone else. -- Doomdark
A15 Just wondering how it is working out with the ENTj, have you married yet? I am in a similar situation with an ENTj and INFj. With the INFj I can be goofy and dumb but he always prods me to do irresponsible things, which ends with homework assignments not being turned in. However he is there for me emotionally and I know that he will always be there for me for anything. The ENTj makes me a better person, the person I want to be, and he unknowingly brought me out of a 4 year depression. He's ambitious, doesn't complain about his job, intelligent, and a good student and inspires me to be the same where the INFj is none of those. I feel like I could marry both, but with the ENTj he might not love me as much as I would love him but I would get everything I ever wanted and I would be happy still and the INFj I would always have someone to love and love me, but I would not get the things I want out of life, and also he embarrasses me in public. Are you still friends with the INFJ? -- ENFp
A16 I am not friends with the INFJ anymore. The INFJ was too bitter to even to talk to me. I've made the right choice of picking the Entj. You have to be convinced that the Entj really loves you. When Entj makes up their mind about someone, they will stick to it. The fact that ur Entj is willing to give you anything you ever wanted is an evidence good enough. Enfps always strive to improve themselves/ soul-searching, therefore by having the Entj, I tend to feel more complete. We have our own dreams to chase and we encourage & motivate each other. Your Entj may love you alot, but you may not know it as it's not their nature to express it through words, but through actions that you sometimes may not able to see. The Entj I am engaged to now, we do argue sometimes about certain issues but we managed to solve it. Our arguements usually do not last long. If you want to know how the Entj completes you, you can check out this website. -- Enfp
A17 @ A4- you sound like an asshole. -- Anonymous
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