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Question #1233092153Tuesday, 27-Jan-2009
Category: ENTp ESTj Dating Benefit and Supervision Intertype Relations
ESTJ male and ENTP female, the ESTJ just struck up a relationship with the ENTP and so far looks like the early stages of Benefit Relationship. What do you guys think will happen? Any experiences of this specific kind of relationship? -- Jack
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A1 I'm female ENFp currently dating a male ESFj. In a nutshell: king kong and blonde girl. lol -- Anonymous
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A2 Oh deary me, :S Is that bad then? -- Anonymous
A3 I am an ENTP female just struck up a relationship with an ESTJ male and dying to know the answer. So far it seems the ESTJ may not be affectionate enough for me. I would like to know what to expect. -- Anonymous
A4 I am an entp female and am dating an estj head over heals for him, but he needs to be in control. thats ok with me, i hope he eventually (am realistic about his type) will be willing to share his about me. i keep mine in reserve b/c i don't want to freak him out...we have passionate sex and i can translate his feelings from how we touch each other...this is crazy, but id give myself to him for the rest of my days if he asked. i know we will have our difficulties, but i think he likes the unpredictability i bring...i love his stability and pace...never saw myself with someone like this! -- Anonymous
A5 Im an ENTP woman as well seeing an ESTJ man. I start the conversations about feelings, and if it matters (like I ask direct questions, he won't take 'bait') hes very frank and open. Im not too worried about his control stuff.. not yet anyway because I like being taken care of some! I think honesty with feelings is much better. I tell him mine, but I don't expect him to have the same 'energy' behind his all the time. When he does go first its very clear his feelings. Ill take less often for something that makese sense and I can grapple with! I think there is real potential for us but time will tell. -- RD22
A6 Im an entp get out while you still can ..I was in just a friendship with an estj and it was horrible ..very controlling. He was loud rude and just crazy. He began treating me like I his dog very careful ..can be very very controlling . Ladies we are entp we cant take this. We hate to be controlled by anything or anyone .Run for the hills !! -- Anonymous
A7 I have been talking to an estj male, we dated but things ended when I tried to take him out of his confort zone. Of course, I didn't really care if he was my bf, I just like him as a person,(an the sex is amazing) hes so weird Ive never met someone so serious and organized, but hes just as unemotional as I can be, but he is a major control freak. Omg, hes so controlling, even if I do something nice, he'll be like, can you do it like this?.. haha. I call him out on how he is, his condescension, his isolation hiding behind social events every second hes not working. I basically analyze the heck out of him. He doesn't respect my ideas as aposed to 'plain hard work that needs to get done' what a dork. I mean I get it I get it, but that's what his personality type is for- checks and balances right? but I desire ideas creativity abstract thought. He seems to find it interesting how I think. I mean, he listens and contributes. I don't know what we would talk about if left to him. Once I asked him what his goals were and he litereally told me they were to get bigger stronger and better. Adorable. Simple. I laughed, he assumed it was making fun of him. But now that ive begun to understand his personality and the way his mind works Ive learned to prepare myself for his ways. And respect him for them. He wont get his way with me, and I do still feel in control. If I ask him to look at something or read something, he actually does it doesn't whine and ask whats the point. I think these relationships can work, but its not easy, we both need space and to feel like the other gets us. Idk if Im helping- you guys input all helped me -- Anna
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