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Question #1232566327Wednesday, 21-Jan-2009
Category: INTp Stereotype Statistics Duality
so. just wondering. since INTPs are supposed to be (pretty much) the least common type in the population (1%?) where are you supposed to find one if they're your dual? -- ESFP
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A1 I'm not sure those numbers are accurate. From what I can tell, the types are distributed fairly evenly among the population. -- Krig (INTj)
A2 I thought INFjs were the least common. AND even if INTps were, that doesn't mean it's impossible to find one. They're definitely out there. -- Anonymous
A3 Yay! At least one of you wants one of us.INTPs are online. We're drawn to technology. It serves our desire to get reference facts when we are figuring out how things work. It also gives us great auditory, visual, and mental stimulation-and there's the control thing: we can turn it off or pause if we're not sure how we want to respond in an online social situation. We're also in school. We are, I have heard,very common in the small business owners area/MBA, and we're in science-related careers. -- INTP woman
A4 I agree with A1, the numbers are not accurate. I know many more INTps than ISTjs, who are supposed to be much more numerous. It depends on which environment you live in. Just learn to recognize them, and you will find them. Perhaps on the web, like A3 suggests. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A5 area 51. In the dense forest chillin with Big Foot. Swimming underneath artic ice caps looking for rare species of fish. Camping inside the pyramids of Giza. None of this answers your question. INTP are rare and difficult to identify. -- Anonymous
A6 I agree with A3 -- picwithanpas
A7 We made the MBTI test in our psychology class (actually it's psychology and philosophy, I rather go in for the second)and 3 people out of 17 were INTPS. Of course it's because of the subject, but doesn't it prove that there aren't that few of our kind? -- Florian
A8 The research I've seen points to INTPs, INFJs, INTJs and INFPs as the least common types. This is pretty consistent across the studies I've seen. These are far and away the least common types, though studies show differences in which of the 4 are least common. As to where to find an INTP? You'll find them somewhere thinking. In a group, they are the observer, until you tap one of their interest points. Then they talk forever. You'll find them writing. Analyzing. Calculating. At universities into adulthood-enrolled in graduate and PhD programs. Their office or room will be a mess. If and only if you find someone who's exceptionally quiet, yet has striking intellectual curiosity, but is also quite silly at times, they may be an INTP. -- Anonymous
A9 Socionics is NOT MBTI. The MBTI types as well as the type distributions given on MBTI websites do not correlate with socionics, which is a different branch of Jung's work than MBTI. Research on Socionics types has shown that type is fairly evenly distributed among populations, with maybe some small deviations. -- ISTp
A10 Wherever we are, we are not defiantly at parties. And, if we happened to be for some crude mistakes of fate, I am sure you can identify us with a glance (=the one who looks bored). p.s. I hope someday I can forgive myself for the Friday nights I FORCED myself to party. (they were my momentums of masochism!) -- party hater
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A11 A10's post made my night. And here I was, thinking I was the only one who hated parties! You know I'd have no idea how to answer - I'm an INTp and I rarely do anything out of the house, or without one of my (few) close friends. I try the party thing, and social-ish classes, but at those I'm usually the frightened and/or bored one in the corner. Internet would be good, well thought out, funny messages always catch my eye! -- Anonymous
A12 I'll attend parties but unless I'm providing musical entertainment or have someone with shared interests to talk to, you'll find me flipping through the host's books and magazines, keeping half an eye on the other attendees' rituals and relations, and wondering why they carry on over so much silly and empty nonsense. -- Anonymous
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