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Question #1232395799Monday, 19-Jan-2009
Category: Theory Tests
I'm curious to know if it's fairly common for your type to change because of people you are close to or circumstances. For example: one of the partners in a relationship change his/her type to make it a dual relationship. Does that happen? What happens when they try? I would love to know about you guys' experiences in trying to change your type and the reasons to do so. -- wind's child
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A1 Type cannot be changed. We can only try to follow other type patterns with certain degree of success, or better say unsuccess. -- Anonymous
A2 Type can change, but temperament remains the same. -- Anonymous
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A3 I agree with A1. I think everyone goes through the challenges of believing that they should act a certain way that is contradictory to who they are for the sake of fitting-in, but none the less, your type doesn't change. -- An INFj
A4 Your behavior might change, but your type doesn't change. -- Anonymous
A5 I don't change my type, but my personality can change in different situations... -- Simon the INFp
A6 A1, says who? Original question poser. I have heard of some people reporting type changes. What I have heard is that their temperament stays the same, but their type changes. For instance, say you are an ESTj. You could use your role so much that it becomes your dominant, so that you are then an ESFj. Most people in life don't have the need to change type, and I imagine some people don't have the capacity to change type either. (like for instance you have the capacity to sing or you don't.) Socionics seems to have the idea that type is trancedental, but it's a small part to play in bigger scale of a person and an interaction. If for instance an ESTj has to use his so much, then there's no reason why that can't become his dominant function for all intents and purposes. It's like learning and unlearning a habit. Personally I have no need of changing type. I would also think that mentally unstable people can display such a wide variations of personality so that they are impossible to type. That is, their socionics type changes. Also, people with Aspergers all test out as T types on MBTI. I would say that they lack F in their psyche. -- contra
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Utter rubbish!
A7 Stop being stupid silly people. Type cannot be changed in the same way an apple tree cannot be changed into to a pear tree even if you put a different label on it. Your brain grows to accommodate your type making physiological changes, after that there is no way you can make it work as a different model. Can a blacksmith be changed into a concert pianist so that he will forget he is a blacksmith? No, no and no. Use your brain people or whats left of it for some. -- Anonymous
A8 Yeah there you have it, utter rubbish. Well i'm convinced A7, we do not know enough about the brain as yet to say what it can and cannot do. We do know however that some peoples brains are more adaptive than others. Some peoples brains can re-write rather efficiently after a stroke, while others can't. One can speculate that a similar mechanism of adaptation can apply to the type. Adding to this, the type is by no means a science or a recognised psychology, until then type changing or the lack of it can't be fully discredited. Although I wonder if it would be too much to ask if anyone here would care to quantify with proof of lack of said change? You all sound so sure! Perhaps there is something to be known that others do not @the thread starter, my advice would be to look into something called Smilexian socionics for a really good analysis of what you're asking. -- contra
A9 i think married people and people in serious relationships might change a letter of their type to make the most out of the marriage/relationships. for example a person in a semi dual relationship might change from T to F. i dont know how that turns out in the long run though. -- Anonymous
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