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Question #1232031175Thursday, 15-Jan-2009
Category: INFp Hidden Agenda INTp ENTp
After a lot of research I was fairly sure I'm an INFP, but there's just one little catch. The hidden agenda. I know that the INFP's is "to understand," but I'm a bit unclear on what that means. Does it mean I want to understand, but can't? That doesn't make much sense - I'm really good at math and science. I love to explain and define things in my head; sometimes I even organize my thoughts as if I were writing them down. It also bothers me when other people DON'T understand things, or if someone fails to explain it to them. I'm often mad at my teachers because I feel like I can explain things better than they do. People tell me I'd make a great math teacher. So, this has led me to believe I may be INTP or ENTP. What do you think? -- Anonymous
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A1 *drops a wooden stick on the ground*. "This is not a stick! What is it?" -- Anonymous
A2 Just from what you wrote I'd say INTp is more likely than INFp. The desire to want concrete, clear, factual data presented doesn't sound like having weak Te, but rather strong Te. -- An INFj
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A3 I think the hidden agenda is not necessarily a point of ineptitude, but is merely a condition that needs to be satisfied in order for one to achieve a psychological equilibrium. I think there's an article on this site that says something similar to that. In other words, it would cause INFps (and ISFps) considerable distress if they were hindered in their efforts to identify and develop logically cohesive explanations. -- soapy
A4 oh!! that makes so much sense. thanks soapy! -- Anonymous
A5 You are an *NTP -- Anonymous
A6 you may in fact be an INFP. Both INFP and INTP have extroverted intuition as their 2nd functions, meaning both naturally are very quick but just because you are smart and your teacher incompetent doesn't make you are an INTP. I am definately an INFP but maths and sciences are very natual to me and I can teach others complex subjects very well. I think you should think about your general temperment: are you a rational or an idealist? -- Sindri
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