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Question #1231837258Tuesday, 13-Jan-2009
Category: INTp INFp Typing
Right, I'm having problems typing myself. I thought I was INTP for a while but now i'm thinking INFP. Here are some of my traits, I hope they're relevant: -I'm a slob, a procrastinator, late for everything, etc. -I find myself mapping out my day in my head when my mind wanders. -I have problems with saying "no" to people. -It takes a long time for me to trust people. -I can be a bit of a perfectionist/idealist. -I'm pretty shy but I can also be unnecessarily flamboyant. Any ideas? -- Anonymous
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A1 Hmmm. That sounds exactly like me, and I am pretty positive I am an INFP. I would really say you are too. -- Anonymous
A2 Slob, procrastinator, late for everything, problems saying "no" to people: these sound like signs of strong N and weak S. Mapping out your day in your head sounds more NT than NF to me, and taking a long time to trust people sounds like weak Fi to me. Overall, you sound more NT than NF to me, but it would be hard to say for sure. -- Krig (INTj)
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A3 Hmmm... I've scored INFP on quite a few different tests, but I wouldn't use the word "flamboyant" to describe myself... I guess I can be overly dramatic at times, and may heavily emphasize any emotional suffering I feel... I'm also bipolar, so maybe I'm not over-emphasizing. I am a bit of a slob, mostly because I'm a perfectionist and have to pick my priorities a little differently as a consequence... What bothers me is; everywhere I look, personality types are described differently. The INFP description here is different from what I've read in books and on other sites... The descriptions of physical characteristics kind of concern me as well, as I'd always figured personality types would be more governed by environment (though, physical characteristics are also heavily dependent upon one's economic, emotional and educational environment along with interaction from various external chemical or hormonal factors, diet, in other words?), but I would think physical characteristics have a lot more to do with genetics than a personality type would. Finally, you guys need an editor. The English version of your site is rife with errors. Nothing causes me to doubt the credibility of a source of information more than misspelling or bad grammar (Jeez, Anonymous, have you looked at YOURSELF lately? LOL)... However, a good friend of mine occasionally sends me a link to some bit of info on this site, so I am inclined to give it the benefit of the doubt. I should certainly do more research before opening my mouth again. This long-winded rant brought to you courtesy of pepsi and red bull. -- Anonymous
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