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Question #1231245786Tuesday, 6-Jan-2009
Category: ENFp Tests
In the many times (mannny times) I tested myself I've come up as INFp, ENTp, and ENFp, with ENFp coming up the most (this would be MBTI and Keirsey testing as well) . Often, I ask myself, am I seriously an ENFp? I noticed two different aspects of myself; when I'm around familiar faces and places I'm very outgoing and laugh all the time. However, when I'm around people I don't really know or doing things I've never really done I gravitate toward being aloof, distant in a way, like I'm afraid of showing myself. Is that part of type, or just a self-confidence issue? Which comes to another thing... I notice I have a marked tendency to brush off compliments. When someone compliments me I 'm either very modest or sarcastic about it, or compliment them back to divert attention to them. I've been told a lot that I'm smart, funny, good looking, but deep inside I always question it, question its authenticity and I can't bring myself to believe it. And THAT comes to another thing; I noticed that I don't give compliments very often, and when I do it's because I really do believe it. I can't bring myself to fake one. If I appreciate the things you do, I might not outwardly say it. One thing I HAVE appreciated are teachers who like their students working in groups, I always enjoyed doing that and it beats doing a project alone any day. Are these characteristics of an ENFp? I'm on a search for my identity and I can't seem to find it. I might be sure I'm an ENFp one day... but be uncertain the next. And... if it somehow helps, I'm a guy in high school. -- Am I Really An ENFp?
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A1 Sounds like you're an introvert, maybe an INFp...? -- Anonymous
A2 Could be... but if I recall correctly, don't infps have extroverted feeling as a base function? i might've interpreted this the wrong way, but I thought extroverted feeling types tended to talk about their feelings easily? My indecision is sort of considering intp as well... any other input? -- ENFp
A3 Sounds a lot like me most of the time. Question for you: do you prefer brnaching off into smaller groups during a party/gathering so you can do your own thing, or do you prefer maintaining a larger group in which everybody is laughing and sharing the mood? The latter is much more consistent with INFp. -- INFp guy
A4 To be honest, I'm not really sure, haha. I'll need to think about that... Some other things I noticed about me would be my need for personal space, I get a little uncomfortable when acquaintances and strangers get too close to me... maybe because of the fact that I'm self-conscious, I'm not really sure. I think about the future a lot, about what kind of job I'll have, and imagine my future being comfortable with a loving wife and little kids running around. That might be an N trait in general but I'm just throwing stuff around in the hopes that you'll get a gist of my personality. I'm basically caught between INFp/INTp right now. INTp would probably be a better fit for me since it would put me in a supervisory relationship with my mom, who I'm absolutely sure is an ESTj. We're frequently at odds, and sometimes I think she goes about things the wrong way and just needs to relax. But, knowing me, I could be mistaking that for a conflictory relationship. -- Original Poster
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A5 In my experience, INTp and ESTj get along quite well most of the time. This, of course, cannot be said about INFp and ESTj. Here is a host of other information you may benefit from: -- INFp guy
A6 You could try looking at It has all sixteen personality types and detailed descriptions of each. That is how I figured out that I was an ENFP-not by taking a quiz, but by reading all the personality types. (I took a quiz to qualify this idea and it confirmed my suspicions.) Anyway, I am not an expert on personality just yet, (though I am getting better at deciphering clues concerning personality) so I don't want to presume to know the answer to your question... I just thought the link I gave might help. Good luck finding out! -- ENFP gal
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