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Question #1231106606Sunday, 4-Jan-2009
Category: Typing E/I Stereotype
Which of the extroverted types is the least extroverted, is more quiet and reflective, needs to get away from it all more often and could easily be mistaken for an introvert type? -- Anonymous
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A1 ENTp -- Anonymous
A2 Extroversion doesn't always equate to being an immensely social person. So I really don't think there is an Extroverted type who appears more Introverted than the others, it really depends on the person as well as other circumstances. For instance, an Extrovert who is put in a situation where they're confronted with their opposite function might appear more withdrawn due to nervousness or what not -- An INFj
A3 In socionics, extraverts are defined as "energy-expending" while introverts are defined as "energy-conserving" (Gulenko's terms). There's really no such thing as a quiet, inwardly-focused extravert with low stamina for social stimuli. Sorry. -- Anonymous
A4 So extroverts can't be quiet? Oh boy, if you haven't learned by now that there is nothing black and white about people...why do you even bother? (it is a rhetoric question, considering you understand everything literally) -- Anonymous
A5 I think that introverted feeling subordinated to extroverted intuition may cause the ENFp to ponder how to sell their sometimes unconventional values to others when they know the big picture all too well. They may have to frequently withdraw to reflect (or to bite their tongue) and this can happen in the middle of conversations. They may also get tired or overwhelmed by conflicting values, and need to rest or get away from their situations. -- I/O
A6 Gulenko has an article where he talks about various levels of extraversion/introversion of the IM elements; according to him, is the most (comparably?) introverted of the extraverted elements. -- Kanerou
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A7 This could apply to all Ep types, who not only are sometimes thought of as introverts, but often think of themselves as introverts. Se and Ne are extremely difficult to pin down and also impossible to put into effective use in many environments. EFps are too shy and sensitive to show off their first function when most of the people around don't seem interested. ETp Ti subtypes spend a lot of time thinking or working and use their Se/Ne mainly to observe/search for new possibilities, sometimes also for outbursts of animated monologue. This applies to ETps Se/Ne subtypes in their older years, too. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A8 Sounds ENFp, but ENTps can also be like that. -- Anonymous
A9 ENTps and ENFps. it's really just the whole Ne leading function. -- Anonymous
A10 i find as an e/infp , especially as a child, my leading functions especailly seems to be looked at as scattered, childish or even arrogant, ie as a male enfp especially. this contrasts with which seems to be "interesting" and mystical (which i think too lol) but again is looked down on as "indulgent" especially by istj's and esfj's. this definitely makes me more rebellious but also shy -- Anonymous
A11 Gotta mention: extroverts who are introverted subtypes will usually appear more reserved than their base function-preferring counterparts. In my observation at least, subtype ESFj and ESTj are not quite as in-your-face. -- INFj
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