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Question #1230749214Wednesday, 31-Dec-2008
Category: INFp Happiness
I'm an INFp and I have a serious problem with happiness. I find what is wrong with everything, -- Anonymous
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A1 And I also apparently decided to press "enter" before I was done... anyways.. I find what is wrong with everything, but I'm unable to see the good things. This is often more apparent in relationships. Does anyone have advice? Any INFps that relate, and can tell me what they do to make themselves happy? -- *poster*
A2 I totally understand what you are saying. I think I am also an INFP or an INFJ and I am constantly criticising and nitpicking things. I find it hard to be happy too especially in relationships with other people. I like to have deep conversations about important things in life and sometimes find small talk trivial and boring. I like people who are interesting but if I don't find the subject matter interesting I don't make an effort. I have found it hard to be with people because I am a little to discerning and judgemental. What makes me happy is being true to myself and my own feelings and not compromising them for others but this can hard when relationships need a little give and take. -- Anonymous
A3 Imagining having a terminal illness, and how terrible it would be to die, but then realising that you don't and you still get to live, works for me... for a bit, lol -- Simon the INFp
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A4 The key is dissolving the ego and accepting how things are. Stop wanting to change others for your own benefit and you'll find that everybody has something to offer. The road can be traveled! -- INFp guy
A5 Remember what curly said in the movie, "City Slickers?" Find the one thing that makes you happy. Imagine if you had one wish. What would it be? (And narrow it down) For example: If you said, "I would be rich." Would having the money in your posession be enough? And if not, what would you buy? (Perhaps this wouldn't even be something for yourself), but my point is, even though your dreams may seem unattainable, don't be afraid to dream them. Once you figure out what it is you would want from life if you could have anything you wanted, eventually, you will find yourself gravitating toward things that will carry you closer to your ideal vision. Hope this helps, friend. -- INFP
A6 I think Sylvia Plath was an INFp... -- Anonymous
A7 stop reading my mind! lol. just try to be grateful for all the positive in that relationship. try to write down all the stuff tbat makes u happy on a piece of paper. its me -- k izzle
A8 Though I'm not an infp, I have close friends which, once in a while, go through what you're going through. Find novelty, invest in a hobby, socialize, and love without prejudice. Though, you may think something or someone is undeserving of time, they always have a shining quality. Look within yourself to see the reason for your pessimism and try to resolve it, at least for the conflict within yourself. -- Anonymous
A9 I am an INFP, and I have the exact same problem. Paradoxically, I have realized that my own melancholy comes from two sources: dwelling on my unhappiness and suppressing it. I find it paradoxical because, on the one hand, I must remember to not take myself too seriously. I was happy once (a month ago, a year ago, ten years ago, whatever) and I will be happy again, once this feeling wears off. It's important - it matters - but it's not serious. On the other hand, I can't keep these feelings bottled up. If I talked to loved ones about my problems and concerns, they wouldn't grow so big. Once someone understands the issues I am dealing with, that person takes half the load. Hopefully this helps you. Please remember that you don't have to "do" anything if you don't want to. You especially don't have to change yourself. Happiness will come around again. Good Luck -- Anonymous
A10 A2 I don't think you could have said it ANY better. -- Lauren
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