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Question #1229715666Friday, 19-Dec-2008
Category: Fictional characters Typing
I'd like to know what type the main characters in Gone With The Wind would be. I'm not sure, but I think Scarlett would be an NF. Ashley's type is completely unknown to me, as well as Melanie's because she seems too good to be true. I'd also like to know Rhett's, but I'm pretty sure he's ESTp. Still somewhat unsure though. Any suggestions? -- Anonymous
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A1 I think Scarlett- ESTp, Rhett- ENFj, Ashley- INFp-Ni, Melanie-INFp-Fe. The relationships seem fairly consistent with Socionic ones, with Scarlett having a looming desire to be with Ashley, a deep jealousy of Melanie but incapable of hating her, Rhett trying to win Scarlett's love but unable to give her the gentle romantic aura of an INFp and him not receiving the consistency of an ISTj -- An INFj
A2 I read on a Meyers-Briggs site Melanie was an ISFJ. -- Anonymous
A3 I found Scarlett to be a manipulative little... So ESFj -- Vlad - INTj
A4 I don't see how Scarlett could be j, with all her talk of... "I'll think about that tomorrow." -- Anonymous
A5 Scarlett - ESTp, Rhett - ENFj, Ashley - INFp, Melanie - ISFj. Melanie is Scarlett's benefactor and Ashley's supervisor; they both rely on her though Scarlett hates to admit it. And Ashley, though he might have a dual in Scarlett, is far too afraid of reality to take the chance, he would rather be protected by Melanie, even while identifying her weak points. Scarlett and Rhett have very obvious relations of activity, they both like exactly the same things, which prompts Rhett to tell her repeatedly that they are so much alike. Rhett and Ashley have mirror relations - very similar mindset but different way of approaching the world. These three are all in the same quadra (beta). Melanie stands apart given her more favorable position over Ashley and Scarlett. -- Anonymous
A6 Scarlett - ESTp, Ashley - INFp, Rhett - ESTp, Melanie - INFj, Scarlett's mother - ISFj -- Anonymous
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