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Question #1228313157Wednesday, 3-Dec-2008
Category: Happiness ISTp Hidden Agenda Healthy Living Love
Can the ISTps and the people who know them well please tell me how to cheer up an ISTp who is going through a 'negative phase'? Like when they are withdrawn and/or express a very negative view towards the world and/or people close to them? I have a great interest in an ISTp and want him to feel very good about himself and be happy. I would also like tips on how to make it easy for him to trust me and to practice his hidden agenda which is 'to love' . Any help will be greatly appreciated. -- T
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A1 I think if he is unhealthy like you are saying then you shouldn't get involved with him. Also I don't want to question your typing of him, but just to say, are you sure he isn't INTp. Of course he could be a very unhealthy ISTp -- Cyclops
A2 i'm an istp and whenever i'm in a funk, i try to keep things in perspective. nothing is the end of the world. also, i like to put myself into activity, and go out and do something. it helps take your mind off whatevers bothering you.. for example, i would either play drums, sports, or do something hands-on. really, doing anything is better than sitting around being a mope. take him out to a steak dinner and pay for it, anything free always catches my attention -- Anonymous
A3 I agree with cyclops. I'm an ISTp too, and other than my pubescent years, I've never really been in a negative phase. I know it doesn't apply to everyone, but because of our logic/practicality, we'd see the unproductiveness of such a phase. -- Anonymous
A4 An almost fairy tale that could help you: I know an ISTp who was in such a negative phase - that was because he lives in a small village and he was working alone just with animals. He got depressed and had suicidal tendencies, because there was almost nobody to talk to and nothing new, just routine. But then, a cheerful ENFp girl arrived in the village and they became friends, they were playing Scrabble and going out. Then he gathered the courage to change his job and married the ENFp girl and now he is one of the happiest people I know. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A5 The so-called "unhealthy" istp is not unhealthy but someone who's had to deal with a ton of **** in life. It is pure cause-and-effect, not an innate dysfunction. Garbage in, garbage out! ISTPs can generally read right through people's innate goodness and badness. If you want to win one over and inspire them to happy living, live by the highest values and virtues you know, and be a true friend. We must see sincerity in others to renew our hope in humanity (if its been lost). Also, our curiosity in the natural order of things must receive constant input. We need independence and novelty. Fun can be hard for us without the right safety partners who will accept us and allow us to release our inhibitions in private. -- IST-Peep
A6 What happens when your virtues of being innately good clashes with your curiosity in the natural order of things IST-Peep? -- Anonymous
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A7 I had a similar problem a while ago. He has issues I am not willing to deal with. Say goodbye to difficult unhealthy tragic people and Hello to sweet beautiful life! -- Anonymous
A8 I agree with A1 and A7. Sounds very unhealthy, he might have depression or another type of chemical inbalance. If he's negative towards people, he might have no respect for you or anyone and make your life HELL. Nobody can be helped if they don't wanna be helped. It's like those quit smoking programs, u can't call for them...the smoker has to make the decision and call for help himself. Nothing or nobody should be forced because then it's not real. If u wanna stay sane, steer away from toxic people. -- Anonymous
A9 I don't mean that ISTp's are toxic. This comment applies to any type with a negative attitude towards people -- A8 again
A10 It depends on what the person is going through. e.g. I myself am feeling miserable because of school, and because Im stuck at home with nothing to do. Barely have any friends, even though I want them. Im just saying approach the person, try to understand what hes going through, and move on from there. Do something active, action packed. Go paintballing etc. Hope this Helped -- Christian Pyles
A11 I think it's not just type related, to helo him. He seems to need some preofessional help and well, as i know them, istp's love actually health and therapy. Thay can become good at this. -- Anonymous
A12 Purely type-based help for an ISTp might be physical activity (as A2 suggests)and someone cheerful, endearing with crazy ideas for unusual activites. Needn't be just an ENFp, could be also an ESFp or ENTp. The ISTp will probably refuse to take part in them but will cheer up eventually. -- Anonymous
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