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Question #1227286682Friday, 21-Nov-2008
Category: Attraction INFj ISTp
What would a relationship between a female INFj and a male ISTp be like? What kind of problems would they face? -- Anonymous
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A1 It's pretty comfortable kind of intertype. But the most obvious problrems will be following. a) Introrvert vs Introvert. Both may feel the lack of attention and some energy charge from each other. b) j vs p. Small clashes caused by rational/irrational contradictions. -- Anonymous
A2 I'm an ISTp and i have been seeing someone who i believe to be an INFj these past couple months... it is a really comfortable, natural interaction (and exciting at times too).. but A1 is correct, sometimes i don't understand her, especially in social situations. On the other hand, when we're alone together its really nice. We both really enjoy each other's company, and sometimes we'll get distracted with whatever we're doing and talk for long periods of time about whatever. Its during these moments I have that happy/satisfaction feeling. -- Anonymous
A3 I'm an INFj in a relationship with an ISTp for 1.5 years and it certainly is activating for both of us. When things are stable in his life, and thus our relationship, we both feel very happy and energized to embark on our goals. But he doesn't quite have his ducks in a row yet, so this has had a destabilizing effect on our relationship every few months, causing me to get anxious and worry about us, instead of building on our goals. He has realized what to keep and eliminate from his life though since meeting me, and I think, though the process has been gradual, he's been steadily improving things and making his life more and more stable for us to flourish. I have strong hopes that after a relatively rough start, we will have a very happy and fulfilling relationship together. -- INFp
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