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Question #1224545264Monday, 20-Oct-2008
Category: ISFj
How perceptive of others is isfj? -- Anonymous
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A1 We're very good with absorbing facts about other people. I know things about people I've never even talked to. We're very good with names, and even just things like this person has a pet bunny rabbit and this person lived in Georgia for 3 years and this person plays the violin. And it's not like we try or anything, it just sticks. Like we'll see the violin case a few times or we overhear a conversation one time about feeding the bunny and we just know. And this isn't just our friends either. It's people we don't know. Basically, we know a lot of facts about people. We usually like to hide it though and say things like "Oh yeah, what's your name again?" when we know perfectly well your first, middle and last. We do this basically because we don't want to appear like a "stalker." Seriously, you should ask an ISFj about all the crap they know, because believe me, it can be pretty remarkable. Our main problem is we often won't know what to do with all the information stored up in our heads. We'll have all the pieces to a puzzle and never think to put them together. We generally take things at face value, and partly because we assume the best and people and find it hard to demonize them, we aren't very good at picking out lies or even sometimes telling when people are joking or understanding why they do either of these things. We know a lot, but we're not so great at retaining insights about others. -- ISFJ Tina
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