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Question #1224450583Sunday, 19-Oct-2008
Category: ISFp ENTp Love Duality Relationship
ISFp's, what would win your heart, or how should someone go about winning your heart? Thanks. -- ENTP
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A1 a giant, gold plated dildo . . . stolen from the scene of the "crime." or some object of a similar "taste" -- "uh-nahn-eh-misse"
A2 You have to go by the person, not the type, when it comes to that. I'm an ENTp by the way, not an ISFp. -- Woodrow
A3 affection, especially through touch and meaningful facial expressions, and sincere rather than effusive admiration -- Caitlin
A4 Every ISFp has at LEAST one trait that is exceptionally quirky and therefore our 'pride and joy'. If you can zero in on what this is and compliment us on it, we're absolute putty in your hands. (CAUTION: please don't use this for evil! haha) -- ISFp
A5 The consistent factor that's always wins my heart is the other person's trust and openness with me - their willingness, capacity, and desire to share their feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams with me and to explore them all more deeply. -- Leslie Smith 56yo male
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A6 Right on A4. All you've got to do is wait some time, get us to trust you, get us to admit you've got us, and then you're all good. -- ISFp
A7 Be funny and smart, laugh at our jokes please -- Anonymous
A8 I'm really surprised there hasn't been more info given for this ENTP! Come on, let's help him out, yes? First of all, flirt with us, and show us attention. Also, wear nicely fitting clothing at the very least, stylish and good-colored clothing that fits is even better. Deep down, we just want someone to love us unconditionally, but we love joking around, too. We appreciate when you notice little things about us, and we like you to take the lead (if you're a man and the ISFp is a woman, at least). ISFp women respond to a man with a lot of confidence, but not one overly-mean or overly-arrogant. If she likes you, she'll let you kiss her, and that probably means you will do a lot more together. Also, ISFp's like someone who is easy and fun to talk with, who listens to them, and who is interested in their thoughts. Someone who recognizes they are not just silly but also intelligent is attractive, too. Good luck! -- Anonymous
A9 A8 "Someone who recognizes they are not just silly but also intelligent is attractive, too." Yes, it is very important! I'm ISFp and I'm pretty smart ( )and I HATE when others treat me like total idiot! SiFe don't mean not thinking. ^^ (sorry for bad english) -- ISFp
A10 You can't win me. Wooing simply doesn't work with me. I have to be attracted to someone for who he is. The only thing an ENTp can do to win me over is be himself...not that that will always usually doesn't. But it's the only thing that might work. Every ISFp is different, which is why I only talked about how I work when it comes to winning me over. -- ISFp
A11 Stand out. I'm surprised no one mentioned this. We always notice those things out of place and we are usually interested in things and people other people don't like. Usually if you stand out we'll notice you. -- Anonymous
A12 just try to be my friend first. It makes me uncomfortable when someone comes on too strong. And be nice and fun. -- Anonymous
A13 I think, you should definately be a friend to an isfp first. I know that I personally get skeptical if someone seems too intent one "winning" me... that you think of me as a person first, romantic interest later is probably one of the best things you can do... not that you shouldn't act interested though i think that just being there and trying to understand me/my feelings would go a long way toward making me attracted to you. and if not... we will be very good friends at least. -- isfp
A14 A13 doesn't sound like an ISFp at all. -- Anonymous
A15 A14, I'm an ISFp and I totally agree with A13. -- Anonymous
A16 Well, as you can see here everything will be very vague. Rant about how great of a person you are *character wise and so values. Copy a poem and tell them you wrote it, they will never know. Tell them the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz was great because brains are useless. Marry them and introduce them to that woman at work who cries when the copy machine wont work. I did. -- INTP
A17 @A10 & A13: My thoughts exactly. Don't try to win over my heart. Just do what you usually do and chill with me. If I fall for you and you fall for me, lovely ^^. If not, we're still friends and and still stay cool with each other . Courtship scares me, I'd rather just have a relationship when both totally relax around each other. -- ISFP
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