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Question #1224423673Sunday, 19-Oct-2008
Category: Statistics
What's your type and what music do you like? I'll start off... I'm an INFp, and mainly listen to metal, but I also really like medieval and folk music... -- Simon the INFp
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A1 Indie rock and electronica, mostly, but I find inspiration from all manner of sounds. I'm an INFP, so the more obscure the music, the better. -- Anonymous
A2 I'm INFp as well.. I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to music. But my favorites would be.. I suppose it's called "pop punk" like All Time Low, Paramore, and Boys Like Girls. -- Anonymous
A3 grunge, metal, classical -- INFp
A4 Interesting question, this is going to take long I am an ESFp and I mostly listen to folkrock and raprock which livens and cheers me up, and mediaeval music which calms me down and gives me... well, a pleasure of a music specialist, though I am not one. The biggest percentage in my track lists belongs to Deep Purple, Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits (rock) and the Czech band Spiritual Kvintet (Christian gospels and authentic mediaeval, very good quality music). Also to the Latvian bands Prata Vetra (poprock, raprock), Borowa MC (rap+folkrock), Vilkaci (mediaeval music) and Jauns Meness (folkrock). And now I think of it, my other favourite bands' names end with "i": Finnish metal and rock (Lordi, Uniklubi), Latvian folkrock (Livi, Ilgi). I also love classic music: Dvorak, Khachaturyan, Orff, Vivaldi, Bernstein. And I play the organ so I like Bach, of course and I should probably like to listen to my own organ improvisations, but they are not so good, yet. Recently, I've fallen in love with the music from the Indian film Dil because it's so different from everything I know. And last but not least, I like music from Czech fairy tale films - this is a popular film genre here in Czech rep. and the film music composers usually do a great job (perfect almost-like-classic or almost-like-mediaeval music) but nobody notices them so I take a pleasure in discovering the music for itself. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A5 Mostly rockabilly, psychobilly and hardcore punk. ENTP -- Nodder56
A6 i'm ENFp and my music is electro-pop, punk rock, and bossa nova and folk, and great things like the doors or led zeppelin. and madonna. what i don't like is rap and hiphop and dance music. -- yukisia
A7 I listen to many different styles of music.. really can't narrow it down to a common theme. Generally, if i listen to an artist, I get all of their albums. And if I like them even more, I'll go searching for some bootlegs and mix tapes. ska, punk rock, roots-reggae, funk, jazz, jam band, rock n roll, blues, folk, anything acoustic, hip-hop. A personal favorite album is led zeppelin II. -- ISTp
A8 I'm an INFp and my musical preferences are somewhat difficult to classify as I don't really think I have a genre-based mentality nor do I have any particular allegiance to any bands. But I do listen to a lot of "pretentious" indie rock and maybe some indie electronica or indie folk. Anything "indie" really. Nothing remotely mainstream. I need to respect the authenticity of music in order to appreciate it. -- Anonymous
A9 Classical(I'm not going to specify since it might not be very meaningful at this point), Jazz, formal compositions. I like blues and the beatles too . ISTJ? -- Anonymous
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A10 ENFP and my music taste mainly consists of electro/indie. I'm very open to different music, but of course have my preferences. I used to hate all the "pop", but I'm more into it now and not so into indie non mainstream music. However, the majority of my music collection is non-mainstream indie/electro and I dislike heavy metal and old music (there are exceptions). Although I also have these hidden gems, sometimes quite weird music, but they sound different, which is a good thing. I change my favourite bands/genres quite often. E.g. I will find a band out, share it with everyone, then if they mention it a year later (by the time they get big ), I don't really care about that band anymore and have a new band I'm trying to share! -- ENFP
A11 ENTp, music comes along with an occational movie on TV. -- Anonymous
A12 i listen to DSBM, trash, classical, noise, ambient, classic rock and whatever has deep atmosphere -INTJ -- Anonymous
A13 I listen to everything. -ESTP -- Anonymous
A14 ESFp: anything and everything. I *love* music!! But what makes a band really stand out to me is their lyrics... I need something complex and poetic to listen to that takes me somewhere where I want to be...somewhere to escape to... -- anon
A15 Everything -- JWC3 (SLE)
A16 I'm an INFJ and I love old reggae music and oldies in general. I also like bands like Ratatat and Animal Collective that have a lot of weird noises in it. So good. -- Alex
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