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Question #1224114898Wednesday, 15-Oct-2008
Category: Typing Subtypes
what's up what's up what's up. has anyone else noticed that some people are really easy to type, and some people are really hard? with some people i know what type they are within 5 minutes of meeting them, and with other people i can know them for months and still not know. also, some people act like other types sometimes. for example, i'm most definitely an entp, but some people might think i'm an intj because i can get a little awkward and a little weird sometimes. there's a girl i know who i was sure was an esfp, and i didn't realize she was an esfj if i hadn't noticed that so many of her friends are isfps. than i re-read the esfj description and it all fit. what are your thoughts on this? -- woodrow
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A1 Yes I too have noticed this, I am finding it easier to type people, who are either in my quadra or display the functions I value. I think this may be to do with me not noticing the other functions in people or something like that. I can smell Ne, Si and Te from a mile away. -- Anonymous
A2 I think it is because we use all the eight different functions on a daily basis, and some situations call for a particular function more than another, making it seem like that person's dominant function is that function even though it actually isn't. -- Anonymous
A3 Well, first of all there are a lot of gender, social and role stereotypes that are imposed on us since our birth. Trying to fit them we mask our inner self. Also the "strength" of our function is first and foremost their ability to receive and accumulate the information of certain kind and to be effective/creative in uncommon/unfamiliar cituations. But the way this abilities are utilized is totally up to personal experience and in common cituations "ethic" person with technical education may look more effective than uneducated "logic" person. Or "logic" who knows socionics better may understand many psychological cituations better than "ethic" who has no such knowledge. Besides that the dichotomical qualities and/or certain functions may come throug in many different ways and very often not like we might excpect. For example "ethic" persons do not necessarily behave ethically nice - the may be intentionaly rude, using "unethic" behaviour as a tool. And vice versa "logic" persons, may be extremely polite and trying to care (as much as they can) about other people, just because they are afraid to do unintentionally something wrong. Socionical (intra)/(extra)vertion is quiet different from common understanding of this terms. "Vertion" just means where the vector of thinking is pointed and is not directly connected with someones's wish/ability to communicate with people. Introverted ethic like ISFp may be much more talkative and easy to communicate compared to his dual ENTp who may be just a hermit floating in the world of his extravaganza ideas. and so on, so far -- Anonymous
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A4 Yeah. Some people step outside their type-box a little more often than others. Which is why I think some time it's easier to type people when you don't know them very well. -- Anonymous
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