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Question #1223669542Friday, 10-Oct-2008
Category: Typing Fictional characters
What types are the characters from the Simpsons? -- Simon the INFp
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A1 Homer is clearly Extroverted, and is way too quick to display and act upon emotion to be any kind of Thinker. I think ESFp. Marge is pretty clearly Introverted. She worries a lot, often characteristic of Intuitives. She doesn't strike me as an NT Researcher, though. Perhaps INFj? She seems more Serious than Merry. Lisa is clearly an NT of some kind, and she seems too high-strung for an Alpha. INTp or ENTj? I would say INTp, if I had to guess. Bart strikes me as a classic rebellious ESTp. Extraverted, lives for the moment and is aggressive about it (Se), but rarely gets emotional about things (T). -- Krig (INTj)
A2 Bart- ESTp, Homer- ESFp, Lisa- ENTj, Marge-ISFj, Grandpa- ISTj, Millhouse- INFp, Skinner- ISTj, Apu- ESTj, Barney- ISFp -- An INFj
A3 I agree on every A2 typing except Lisa, I would say she is an ENFj, she has many different personna, save mankind with her vision enrich people's life, as display withdraw symptoms when she is down( ) shes clearly is an ENFj -- Jas, ENFj
A4 Marge is pretty clearly Introverted. She worries a lot, often characteristic of Intuitives. O RLY? Marge is an ISFJ -- yoshi
A5 yes i agree marge is an Clear ISFJ, She really lacks Intution in alot of thigns, and very navie about intuitions, its almost like i feel lisa(ENFJ) needs to explain things to her a bit. it is almost like my relationship with my mom, I definity think that she is an isfj with a big hidden agenda of NI. -- Jas, ENFj
A6 Marge is an ISFj and Bart is an ESTp. Lisa's kind of a mystery. -- Anonymous
A7 Homer- ESFP, Marge- ISFJ, Lisa- INFJ, Bart- ESTP, Grandpa- ESTJ, Maggie- ISTP maybe? -- Anonymous
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A8 I dunno, despite what everyone else seems to be saying, I'm having a really hard time seeing Marge as an ISFj. When has she ever displayed strong Se? Se should be her second function if she's ISFj. Her response to Homer's usual idiocy is typically her characteristic "worried noise", rather than using strong Se to directly confront him about it. Am I missing something that everyone else is seeing? -- Krig (INTj)
A9 Lisa- INTp -- Anonymous
A10 ISFJs take everything on themselves, and strugle with having their own feelings. My sister is ISFJ, and very rarely focuses on her own feelings. Rather, she keeps it all in and worries, and tries to keep things 'normal'. ISFJs unfortunately, can be terrible enablers. An NF would be all over Homer's behavior trying to 'develop his potential'. Lisa is harder to define, but pretty sure INXJ, but probably more NF because she can be a little preachy. -- INFPPPPP
A11 A8, ISFj's with Fi subtypes use Se in the manner Marge does, by being obstinate to the point of sometimes nagging, which she does a lot. -- An INFj
A12 @A10 - It sounds to me like you're describing an ISFp, the Peacekeeper, rather than ISFj, the Guardian. Have you read much about the differences between MBTI and Socionics? @A11 - You make a good point about the Fi subtype being obstinate rather than confrontational, but INFjs can be rather stubborn as well. Let's try a different way of looking at this: if Homer is an ESFp, as we all seem to agree, then if Marge is an ISFj, they would have a Mirror relationship, and if she is INFj, it would be a relationship of Supervision, with Homer as the Supervisor. Mirror types find each other's opinions interesting and work together well, whereas the Supervisor tends to undervalue the Supervisee's input, and even patronize and finds fault with her. Homer is constantly ignoring Marge's opinion, and behaving very patronizingly toward her (He's always saying things like, "Don't be silly, Marge!" as in [ Marge: “Homer, we have three children” Homer: “Don’t be silly Marge, the dog doesn’t count”]). That seems like a pretty clear relation of Supervision to me, but I welcome other input... -- Krig (INTj)
A13 Homer Simpson, ISFP, (Fi Se), easygoing, egalitarian, relaxed, Quiet, Reserved, Retiring, Optimistic, Sensitive, Kind, Receptive, believe in their right to enjoy themselves, Freedom to do as one pleases, reveals gratification in undermining the pleasures and expectations of others. -- jgbr
A14 Homer Simpson acting out his life introverted... Interesting allegation which I find challenging to the definition of introversion, mildly put -- ENTp
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