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Question #1222166418Tuesday, 23-Sep-2008
Category: ENFp INFp Relationship Dating
Anyone know if it can work out between an ENFp and an INFp? -- INFpGirl
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A1 It could probably be made to work, but it would take a lot of effort. ENFp and INFp form a "Contrary" relationship. You'll probably get along fairly well at first, and you'll have a lot of interests in common (both being NFs), but after a while you'll likely find that the ENFp's way of thinking and doing things is beginning to become really annoying. That's certainly been my experience with Contrary relationships, anyway. I know I wouldn't want to be involved in a romantic relationship with a Contrary - it just wouldn't be very comfortable. -- Krig (INTj)
A2 What A1 said is very accurate. Because you're both perceivers, it seems like you have similar day-to-day rhythms; because you're both NF, you assume this person understands everything you do. Not the case (at all). In my experience, the INFp will start to wonder why the ENFp is so concerned about public attention and/or defining themselves based on what everybody else tells them. The ENFp will start to wonder why the INFp is so secretive and sometimes may even think the INFp is conspiring against them somehow. Contrary relations are a sort of catch 22: very similar people with absolutely nothing in common. -- INFp
A3 I agree with A2. I'm an INFP, and really, most ENFPs drive me nuts! They are fine from a distance, but there is just something so subtle, but important that divides us. Also, both hate and avoid conflict. I saw a couple who were probably like an ENFP girl and an INFP guy. From the outside looking in, it seemed like he didn't want to be in the relationship, and she didn't know it, or just ignored it. Both NFP types are good with a type who acts as their 'rock' or 'anchor' in some way. The couple I knew had incredible communication problems (they didn't communicate) were both too sensitive, both impractical (financial problems).. so really the compatibility was way off. Personally, I'm with an XNTJ.. it has it's problems, but his stable personality is good for my flighty, emotional personality. -- Anonymous
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