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Question #1219826608Wednesday, 27-Aug-2008
Category: ESTj INFj Duality Personality Relationship
I'm an INFJ but I have yet to meet someone who I believe is an ESTJ (my dual) ESTJs can you describe yourself. Maybe I'm missing something...and I do know some ESTJs -- Anonymous
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A1 I am not an ESTJ but I know a few, male and female. Usually very logical, smart, pragmatic,intellagent, get the job done worry about feeling and social issues later. High energy, the women are very in charge but not a gossip or girly they are more classy and sophisticated. The Guys are matter of fact,not afraid to tell you the facts because... they are facts, so what is the problem? They do not need to sale you emotionally the facts will speak for themselves. Not totally unaware of your feeling they just need to know why they matter. -- Anonymous
A2 ESTJs can appear bossy, but it's more like they just want to get things done. If they see a problem, they'll yell about it. -- Anonymous
A3 Very forward people, tough and though sometimes vulnerable, which they immediately hide or shove aside, it's either "just the facts" then or elongated agitative speech about what has to be done and how. Other than ENTj it is sometimes funny to see how ESTj "grasp" a meaning of something and turn it into indisputable facts. There is no getting away with anything, you'll be mercilessly doomed, if you try to oppose, it takes a lot of dialectics to prove an ESTj wrong. But then again ESTj are caring and generous, if they see the need for it then everything will be cared of and organized, but it doesn't mean it will fit your own needs or take into account your own feelings - I think ENTj are better commanders, because they let others "dance" to their own music, just as long things will be DONE, while the ESTj is more directly in charge and tells were to go and to what music you will have to march. I must admit, for me an ESTj is too intense and I have not the strength to deal with them, I avoid them as much as I can, because the few I know do me "harm" and I just can't "manipulate" them to meet me in the middle. I test INFx here, is that a point? -- Anonymous
A4 Good post, except from my experience ENTj are more controlling to work for than ESTj. -- Anonymous
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A5 naa we neva yell about anythin ESTJ ARE THE BEST dont mess with us! -- *vanessa*
A6 Everything Depends on what is importaint to the ESTJ. We don't make anyone do anything. We ask you to and get ****ed when you don't. Definatly work-o-holics! An ESTJ has fealings and is willing to share: just can't that well. If you want a physical description: we are usually tall and handsome: sterotype us as buisnessmen. An ESTJ is definatly into his aperance; that is why we dress so slick. Next time you see that well dressed good loking guy; think ESTJ. Close are usually ironed; whatever scene their into. -- ESTJ Guy
A7 an INFJ, I dont normally like ppl telling me what to do and how to do it. How am I and an ESTJ supposed to get along?? -- Anonymous
A8 @A7 ESTjs don't usually boss their friends around, so I think you'll be fine. -- Anonymous
A9 I'm an INFJ (or so I think) and by far, ESTJ are the kind of people I don't want to deal with (they don't seem concern about other people's feelings). I think I have met with some ESTJs before and avoided them like a plague so I never really got a chance to interact further. -- Anonymous
A10 I'm an INFJ (female) and I have a female ESTJ friend. I admire my friend as she is very practical, reliable and good at taking charge of situations (my feelings on matters don't feel ignored). Socially she talks and I generally listen which makes life easy. I can instantly tell when a guy is interested in her (and when he's not) but she misses all the little clue's (this amuses me). She is very hard working (single mum and full time job) and takes everything in her stride. Her gifts are always very practical, she bought her daughter a jacket because it was water proof and 'not bulky' so it was easy to play in. Personally I would have bought a jacket because I liked the colour or thought it looked cute and would never have considered comfort. She's a nurse. She may not be the most emotionally intelligent nurse but takes care of her patients in a practical way dealing with their personal needs discreetly, efficiently and with a positive attitude. All in a days work is her attitude, Id rather that than a nurse that asked me how I felt about embarrassing problems. I'm sure this wont apply to all ESTJs but I wouldn't close yourself off to them they have a lot to offer the world and can help pull you out of that fuzziness that INFJ's can experience and ground you. -- Anonymous
A11 One of the things that might help you find a dual is that they seem good-looking to you. It isnt like you consider all ESTjs beautiful, but if someone wanted to claim they are ugly, you would find yourself argumenting against it. -- Anonymous
A12 I am an ESTJ male. I work 70 hours a week as a manager. I need frequent change because when I become "comfortable" with something I lose interest. I love food and only eat at nice restaurants or cook myself. I read articles on math or science in my free time. My friends find me to have a strong, straight forward personality, perhaps a little overbearing at times, but they KNOW that I would and can do anything for them. I dress well, and stay in shape. I probably overvalue my image, when I don't feel perfectly clean and groomed I don't like to be in public. I am often criticized for physically expressing my emotions, but I don't talk a lot. I only speak when I feel that something NEEDs to be said, and to me, emotions are weak and irrelevant, so why talk about them? -- Anonymous
A13 I don't understand why my dual is an extrovert and the only other relationship that works well (that's an introvert and not identical) is an introverted technical type. Not to insult any extrovert or technical type in any way, but I don't find any attraction to them. Are there any other types that feel this way? (well, vise versa if you're an extravert) -- Anonymous
A14 A13, if you dislike your dual it's most likely that you mistyped yourself -- An INFj
A15 I didn't mistype myself, I took the typology test and the one offered here. They both turned out the same multiple times. -- Anonymous
A16 I know an ESTj. Here's the general impression I get of him: confident, commanding, factual, not afraid to tell you if you're full of bs, however if he cares about you he tends to be really nice and uber friendly but if he doesn't care about you so much his words can cut to the core. -- NF something or other
A17 I have an ESTJ friend, I mistyped him grossly, won't even tell what type I believed him to be, embarrassing issue, but I see him from an ENTp platform, so here goes; He is extremely observant, easily grasp the elements in the structure in various systems and their interaction, especially where people are concerned, politics and sociologics, but even mechanicals and technics, although, when he presents them, and get me started I tend to see deeper into the fundamentals, which have sparked a few arguments, but he impress me there, since I tend to "miss the trees for the appearance of the forest", works with an incredible intensity, an energy level out of this world, blunt in speech, self proclaimed generous with his resources, havent challenged his willingness to copy that into action though, suspect he wouldnt like it initially, he goes more along; I suggest you take my offer, as long as you dont suggest first. I can sum him up; If I had a position in any industry, marketing, or even social related service, to offer him a job, I would have done it right on the spot. Creativity, high loads of energy, good quality standards and willingness to offer a high level of dependability makes him an opportunity any employer won't miss out. Philosophical and analytical disagreements have second priority, and we've had loads of that stuff, I can tell . That is really his weak spot, maneuvering him into a corner where he have done all the painting on the floor around him with my rethorical subtle guidance. That fact have really puzzled me about him, how easy that is. But even in there he dont give up, and that I like. The energy just keeps going. -- Anonymous
A18 perhaps, you're just very introverted, and so you prefer an introvert over an extrovert. I used to be like that until I realized not all extroverts are "outgoing" all the time and then, it seemed ok -- Anonymous
A19 I have an INFJ sister (twin) and I'm an ESTJ. I find our relationship really nice, at first we would fight a lot but we would always go back and hug and say sorry. And with age it gets easier to get along as we have always liked each other’s company. Even when she doesn’t want to socialize if we are together and I don’t talk and just watch a movie or give her company, while I work and she reads, she can recharge from all the people she interacted with (I really like someone beside me but I try to respect that she want to be in a calm and silent environment). I'm an extrovert that isn't very good with her emotions but she helps me and that makes the bund stronger. Now, what I mostly do for her when it comes to showing love I say it, or hug her or do something for her, mostly favors that she won’t ask. That makes me very happy when I surprise her with coffee or cookies, something so simple that I know she loves. What I want to say is that at first it is fun but a lot of fights if you are not very mature in emotions but it gets so much easier when the egoism of childhood and adolescence states are gone. We both give to each other in different ways not only the things that mentioned. Hope it helps and I’m sorry if it is a little biased as we are family. -- FPSA
A20 That is so sweet FPSA! You two are lucky to have each other! Thanks for posting! -- Anonymous
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