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Question #1219777271Tuesday, 26-Aug-2008
Category: INTj Healthy Living Brain
I am an INTJ female. I have one big problem. My thinking is too active. When I go to bed I start thinkig and I can not fall asleep easily. My thinking even gets so active that I feel excited most of the time. It can take even to 4 am in the morning. I troubles me beacouse I must go to university in the morning. I use sleeping pills they help a lot. But I know it is not the solution. My thoughts usuallu are not bad, I thik a lot about past about curios facts, sometimes I even laugh. But the day alfter is hard. I want to feel refreshed and get a good sleep. -- Anonymous
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A1 If you enjoy your studies and otherwise have an active, happy life, that is a nice problem to have, although insomnia is very aggravating. Almost no one would recommend sleeping pills. I'm going through a stage where I sleep okay one night and poorly the next, and it's been going on for awhile. Your case is probably calling for self-help, through study or experiment. Since you have a highly developed thinking function as an INTj you probably will enjoy solving your sleeping problem and improving your sleep. -- econdude
A2 Maybe you should try to get out to nature spot, look at landscapes, try to calm your mind, go for long walks in the evening, look at a spring or at tree-leaves in the wind. Another idea would be sports combined with meditation, so Yoga, Tai Chi, Autogenic Training. I do Yoga, when I cant sleep at night, sometimes just thinking of it makes me sleepy enough to let all thoughts go, I cant say why though. It is ok though if one has one or two nights per week with poor sleep, espescially when doing merely intellectual stuff. -- Anonymous
A3 This probably won't help solve the problem, but the wording of your question doesn't quite strike me as socionics INTj. Maybe INTp? I know an INTp guy who has the same problem. The part about "curious facts" stands out especially - I think an INTj would be more likely to think about ideas or theories than "curious facts". I could be wrong though. As far as suggestions for how to turn off your brain - I usually just try to activate my Super-Id functions by focusing on the feelings and sensations of my immediate surroundings, and on emotions of peace and tranquility. If you're really an INTp, though, I don't know if that would help much. -- Krig (INTj)
A4 I am not native English speaking person so the wording dosn't count very much. -- Anonymous
A5 Long walks, exercise in general calms my busy brain. Avoiding stimulants, caffeine, sugars after 4Pm, and playing fun or calming music helps too. Of course, I do like my evening glass or two of Merlot and my bet is that doesn't hurt either <smirk> -- iPC (INTJ)
A6 Hello Anonymous. I would suggest downloading brainwave generator, getting earphones and trying "Sleeping Aid" preset. Since you are INTj and you say "thinking is too much active" you are propably right, so if it is not health-related problem, the brainwave should work straight-away and you should learn how to get sleep easy. -- radical_thought
A7 It sounds like you are having obsessional thoughts all the time, that are intruding your mind and bothering you. OCD is very common among intuitive types. Luvox is very helpful for this. Talk to a psychiatrist of course. It helped me. As well as Cognitive behavior therapy. Hope you are feeling better. -- anonymous
A8 I'm a guy and I have the EXACT same problem. I don't know what to do either. -- Anonymous
A9 I've been an insomniac now for 13 years, I regularly sleep only 3 hours a night, once you adapt it's easy. If your not so far gone, in college I found a bottle of Jack and blasting some heavy metal in my ipod drowned out my thoughts nicely. Meditation never seemed to work for me though. -- Kwayzar
A10 I am an INTJ and I have very similar proplems. My brain is constantly at work. Always thinking and daydreaming. Could this be ADHD? I am really starting to think that is what my problem is. -- Anonymous
A11 I have the exact same problem and I'm an ENTP. -- yoshi
A12 I'm an ENTP, and I have had this problem all of my life. Nothing has ever been able to help it but alcohol, xanax, or some herbal remedy ; ) -- Anonymous
A13 I am an INTJ, I have the exact same problem, where at night I find that I can't turn my brain off and it sometimes even becomes overly active. I think about past and future events, and pretty much just go over and over things in my head. I get where your coming from with the getting exciting thing too. Sometimes I will stay up all night because everytime I go to fall asleep I start thinking of something that sounds like such a good idea that its almost like it can't wait. I find that keeping active and learning new things will greatly increase your rest. For example, running or taking long walks/bike rides. I always try and read before going to bed, preferably non-fiction/self help books because they will satisfy your need for knowledge. Fictional books won't do this(at least for me they won't), because they tend to get me lost in thought. And I usually want to finish the book that night. Of course everyone is different. I hope this helps. -- Mike
A14 I used to have that problem until I started counting sheep. -- Anonymous
A15 I am INTJ and I have the same problem. I used to lay in bed 2-3 hours in the dark until I could fall asleep. The answer? Cannabis. Sometimes it gets me thinking even more but eventually (much sooner then w/o) I will fall asleep. Try it, its not gonna kill you (its never killed anyone). -- John
A16 Cannabis ftw! I just wish it didn't turn off my dream recollection. -- Male INTj
A17 I am an INTj male, and I often have the same problem. What works for me is to play my streamlink MP3s of Coast to Coast AM. Listening to the show on the radio is not nearly as helpful, because the long commercial breaks are too jarring. Listening to Coast to Coast AM helps me shift from my own thoughts to passively listening to someone else's thoughts. It works best for me when the show has a long interview with one guest rather than open lines, because the regularity of listening to the same people helps me fall asleep better. It's least effective when JC calls the show, screaming at the host, and it sometimes doesn't work when I find the interview especially interesting. But most interviews are on subjects I mainly just have a passing interest in, and it is good enough to engage my interest enough to quell my own thoughts while I proceed to fall asleep. -- Fergus Duniho
A18 I've heard this from many INTJs have this problem. My mom had to 'train her brain' before she goes to sleep at night to slow down or shut off. I also have a coworker with the same problem, and my husband. Unfortunately I read that this type can struggle with alcoholism to 'numb their thoughts'. -- INFPPPPP
A19 I try to wear myself out earlier in the day. When it starts to get late in the day, I have to unwind. About an hour before I go to bed I have to get away from the computer quite often. I have used hypnotic relaxation techniques in order to get to sleep and stay asleep for the duration. Basically you have to envision your muscles relaxing starting in your forehead and working your way down. You do this slowly and with your eyes closed. I have had biofeedback training to relax as well and use this as part of this exercise. -- Anonymous
A20 A bit late maybe, but i have a "light" version of the problem. I have found complete and utter darkness to solve the problem, if your eyes cant see your hands in front of your eyes even, then at least MY brain can't focus. -- Anonymous
A21 No coffee after 5:00 PM. Plan for eight hours of sleep. Excercise to wear yourself out a bit. Call me in the morning. -- ISTPJim
A22 Melatonin -- Anonymous
A23 I do that too....only it doesn't really keep me up for more than a few hours after i get settled into bed with the actual intention of going to sleep...but i like that i think so much, it's pretty entertaining.... -- Anonymous
A24 i am also a imtj um try not to think about such distressing thoughts i think a lot about fanacy like if you were a superhero or something i have had the same feeling though i do that and i find myself going to sleep really easy -- brian gumber
A25 i am also a imtj um try not to think about such distressing thoughts i think a lot about fanacy like if you were a superhero or something i have had the same feeling though i do that and i find myself going to sleep really easy -- brian gumber
A26 I've never really slept all that well throughout my entire life. I have erratic sleep schedules, insomnia, you name it. My INTJ-ness definitely is an influence. All I can say is lay there and let your imagination run wild. Imagine flying, imagine doing a fun activity. You'll never shut your brain down by trying to. Divert it to things that are more like dreams. -- Anonymous
A27 I'm an INTj and also have had some sleeping problems along ALL my life. Although I'm christian, I can recommend you some Vipassana Budist Meditation... these are very good to calm your mind... but be careful on the philosophical content, you may want to know a bit more on budism before.... -- Anonymous
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A28 I'm an INTJ and I struggle with the same issue. I've found keeping a television with the news or a regular television show with no plot to follow helps. Turning the lights off and feeling "isolated" is when my brain takes off and doesn't stop. -- Anonymous
A29 I'm an INFJ and I have the same problem. What I do is listen to podcasts or NPR. It keeps my brain focused on something so I can fall asleep easily. Music I can't do because it wakes me up and gets me thinking too much. Hope this helps! -- Alex
A30 I am INTJ and have the same problem as well. What works for me, well most of the times is to recall a memory of actually falling asleep. For me that is when I was put to anaesthesia for an operation. The nurse said: 'Count backwards from 100.' And I imagine it exactly as it happened. 100: the nurse is measuring my blod pressure 99: the nurse is still there but everyrhing is starting to get blured 98: all that I ca see is blurry lights 97: I am completely off Also some physical exercies are good idea -- Anonymous
A31 I am an INTJ and I find the thing that helps me fall asleep the best is journal writing before bed. I feel like if I can explore an event or an idea on paper then I can usually get it to stay there instead of wandering around in my mind all night. Journal writing has become somewhat of a compulsive emotional maintenance activity for me and if I take more then three or four days away from it I get emotionally clogged and very grumpy. -- Anonymous
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