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Question #1218384411Sunday, 10-Aug-2008
Category: ENFp INFj Quadrable Functions
I'm wondering about the functions of the various types. If I have it correct, ENFP's functional order goes: 1) Ne 2) Fi 3) Te and 4) Si. Is that correct? Do ENFP's get along with other members of the Delta Quadrable because INFJ, ISTP, ESTJ, and ENFP all share the above skills, but in different orders? If this were true, it would mean that INFJ's functional order goes like this: 1) Fi 2) Ne 3)Si and 4) Te. But I thought that Introverted Feeling and Extroverted intuition were "right-brain" skills and thus "P" as opposed to Fe and Ni which were "left brain skills" and thus J. What can anyone tell me about this? Thanks. -- Ayahuasca
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A1 I can't tell you about the left/right brain thing, as I haven't really tried to equate it to the functions. However, what you are noticing is the (shared) valued functions of Delta Quadra[ble]. That's what makes them a Quadra. Hope that helped. If not, I can go more in-depth, or maybe someone else will beat me to it. -- Kanerou.
A2 Well first off, we don't know enough about the brain as humans to really answer this question, but let me answer with a traditional approach as that seems to be your questions tone. Extraverted Feeling IMO would not be a left brain function as the left brain is traditionally considered logical and orderly. Ni could arguably be, but at the same time, N would seem to come from the traditional right brain idea (creative, holistic). Really, we all (hopefully) use both hemispheres of our brains, it is the unique mix and crossovers at make us who we are. The real issue here is that ENFP is going to be dominated by Intution and Feeling. I think the original NF NT SP SJ classifications are still valid on top of the new stuff as well, and yes you are correct on the steps of their functional order according to socionics, in Meyers Briggs, INFJ are 1)Ni 2)Ex. Feeling 3)Intr. Thinking 4)Se. There are many different ways to look at it and I suggest you adopt all of them (don't discriminate) and none of them (don't hold on to one too much). Wiki has a good socionics page, with some very details 8 stage functional breakdowns. Right now, to me, it sounds like you are starting to understand things but are looking at it too concretely. If you find it interesting, keep reading, but more importantly, if you read too much without going out and experiencing what you are reading about, all that research will be useless, and will limit your perspective on people because you will box them in too much. -- Anonymous
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