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Question #1215338929Sunday, 6-Jul-2008
Category: Typing
i would like u people to tell me my type. I dont know it quite well. Normally, my tests with MBTI ended up with an ENFP, but i sincerely dont know. How can i really know i am an extrovert or introvert? -- fernando
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A1 when you're around people do you feel charged, energetic, excited? or do you feel drained, tired? Do you like to be in the center of a group or rather hang around the sidelines? Are you mostly in charge of the talking part of a conversation or of the listening part? I think the extroverted characteristics are obvious. -- INTp
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A2 read profiles on the two types, then decide. no one can really tell you what you are, you'll just have to decide for yourself, sorry. -- entp
A3 I was like you question 1215338929,did not know ,my type well. My tests were always different,I did get different result every time.It is easy to know if you are an introvert or an extrovert. An ekxtrovert is always with people and he is happy to be with people.An introvert does not like people very much. -- kultasuoni
A4 I would need more information about you in order to help you type yourself. First of all, when coming to Socionics you should forget everything you know about MBTI. That will help you type yourself more accurately, in my opinion. If you are young it may be more difficult to type yourself, as you may not have settled into your psychological patterns fully. Try to think about how you act and think in most situations, most of the time. You may not have a strong preference for either extraversion or introversion, possibly because you are a Creative subtype (you can read about subtypes on wikisocion). For example, if you were an Si-ESFj, you would not have as strong a preference for Fe as most other ESFjs, and you might sometimes come across a bit like a more extraverted, rational ISFp because of your strong Si function. Ask people who know you well to describe you and see if you can connect what they say to the characteristics of a particular type. Good luck! -- Fi-EII
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