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Question #1211791525Monday, 26-May-2008
Category: ISFp
The portrait for the isfp says "in momnts of passionate conversation isfps can often swallow air like a fish." What's that suposed to mean? -- Maggie
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A1 the portraits are like caricatures. not all members of a type do everything in the portraits. it means that some isfps swallow air when they get worked up. but the reason socionics isn't really accepted as a science here in the west is because descriptions on sites like these only apply to some members of the type they are describing, and can make the whole thing look ridiculous to someone new to it. -- oo ro
A2 Phhhhhhhheeeeelease! Is that really the reason Socionics is not accepted as a science here in the West? How about lack of funding for a proper scientific research that would shut all the moaners and skeptics up once and for all? How about lack of funding to train specialists and to market Socionics further? You should know better that anything can be made acceptable here in the West with the right amount of cash behind it, just stop saying nonsense, please! -- Anonymous
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A3 A1 Said description has more validity than what you give credit for.. A2 some legitimacy, re your main comment on the funding, but ultimately least inaccurate. I dunno, look at scientology, creationalism, maybe? Hardly accepted but plenty of cash. Not mainstream, certainly mocked by "actual" scientists. Although if socionics had cash, I do wonder who or what into, it should be invested, do you think? -- Westie
A4 if you actually designed and conducted experiments using scientific methods you could use them to back up and even market socionics in the west. but experiments need funding. it's not just the money, it's what you do with it. and yes, the type portraits can look absolutely ridiculous to someone not familiar with socionics, because there a lot of members of each type who don't do everything in the portraits. sure there are some isfps who swallow air like a fish during passionate conversations, but there are a lot who don't. if you designed an experiment and came up with a statement like, "6 out of 10 people who tested as isfp also said they sometimes swallow air during passionate conversation" that would be science. but right now it's not science, its just observation and theory. and no not anything can be made acceptable with the right amount of funding here in the west or anyone else. that's nonsense. -- oo ro
A5 That doesn't really answer the question... -- Maggie
A6 Maggie, I answered your question. I'll elborate some more From one thing..think about how an ISFp would or could respond or act - with their second placed function Fe (especially with it being blocked with their Si) . You wouldn't be suprised in finding them performing that sort of behaviour, or something similar in those situations.. -- Westie
A7 ok mabye I should have been a little more clear. I was just wondering what it means to swallow air. I don't think I've ever actually seen anyone do that. -- Maggie
A8 Maybe the phrase, gulping air, would be more accurate. Some people when they get excited or angry in a conversation look and sound like they're rapidly gulping air. Listen to shows like Bill O'Reilly or shock jocks on radio - often the caller or guest will become agitated and make and an ah, ah, ah, sound with their inhales. Sounds like they're gulping air. Does that explain it? -- Leslie Smith
A9 it's funny because i've seen my BF do that and he's ISFP. However, I never thought it would be something "ISFPs" do. -- eNfp
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