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Question #1211213628Monday, 19-May-2008
Category: Quadrable Typing
Can you guys place this group? At first I thought it sounded like a Gamma group, but I'm beginning to wonder if it wasn't Alpha. My associations in 9th grade were...interesting. There were probably about 8 of us at one time (though a few were in and out). Conversation was sometimes about philosophy; I also remember one guy talking about the Planet X theory. Generally, though, we were setting our wits against each other using twisted, sexual humor. We sparred, we talked, I don't think we ever did much that was useful together, and we didn't really care; we were having fun. Three of us wrote creatively (one wrote dark stuff, I wrote fantasy and emotional stuff, and I don't really remember what the other one wrote). There was at least one atheist and one agnostic; one other was into strange, non-mainstream religions. If you want short (and I do mean short), specific descriptions of the people, ask, and I'll put them down. -- Kanerou
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A1 What makes you think it is either gamma or alpha? When you think about it-that sort of thing could apply to any the fantasy writing could be beta INFp or even delta ISTp. It would be useful if you could post a little about the people involved, like you say. It may be a quadra group- but it can be unreliable, more so than other methods, to type people by quadra alone, as you can see when you look at it. -- Western
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A2 I noticed something that said people of a quadra are naturally attracted to each other; that's what I was going on. Descriptions. I'll put down what I remember of them, which may not be much; it's been a few years, and my focus is selective when it comes to people. 1. Male, into Creative Writing (dark, morbid stuff). He was the one with the Planet X theory. I think he may have discussed society here and there. I suspect that whatever he is, he's an N, probably NiTe or TiNe. 2. Male, into Creative Writing (never read his stuff). Quiet, seemingly easygoing type who didn't say much. 3. Male, into Creative Writing (never read his stuff, either). Seemed like an easygoing sort, but he was evidently quite funny; once, when around a guy who was revving his engine in a parking lot, he said, "You can rev your car all you want, but you're still small". I didn't know him very well. 4. Male. He was into strange religions and took a lot of jokes/barbs, but I don't remember much about him. He was at least slightly romantic, whatever that means. He liked me at one point, for what it's worth. Either took or dealt drugs, I believe. 5. Male. All I remember is that he was into drugs, and I didn't have an especially high opinion of him. 6. Male. Friend of #5, called people an obscene name when irritated, I think (or even if he wasn't, sometimes). Very smart, though I thought of him as a dumba-. My opinion of him raised once he got away from his friend. 7. Female. Lots of fun; we got along very well. She drew manga, and we'd talk about her stories. Every so often, I'd pop off with a fun idea for her. My impression of her is that she was a happy sort (not bouncy), but that was years ago, and my impression could be wrong. Blood did not bother her; she actually thought blood on guys was attractive (in anime/manga at least). Her fiancee may have come around a couple times, but I remember little other than that he looked like Yuusuke Urameshi, and he seemed like a quiet sort. 8. Female (me). Into Creative Writing (fantasy and emo). I'm INFx, either Delta or Beta. 9. Male. Into Creative Writing (abstract poetry, and I don't know what kind of stories he wrote) and Art. I think he was Fe PoLR, possibly Fi-seeking (at least, he called on me to run Fi-interference a couple of times, to keep him from pounding on someone when in a bad mood). I hung out with him most, which is why I remember him best. Also my best friend. We did a lot of verbal sparring and cracked "relationship" jokes, although we were not romantically involved. He wasn't my opposite, but we got along very well together. He was good friends with #1. I'm thinking NiTe, but I could be wrong. -- Kanerou
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