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Question #1208277891Tuesday, 15-Apr-2008
Category: Theory Religion Socionics
What type are you and what religion do you practice (if any)? -- Anonymous
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A1 INTP and I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses -- Anonymous
A2 ENFJ and BUDDHISM Collaboration -- Jas
A3 I grew up Catholic and was very religious as a child, and then when I got into my teens I became atheist, then agnostic, the pantheist, then Quaker...and now I don't know what I am. I try to use my not very strong when I think about religious dogma, and I tend to come to an agnostic conclustion. But my ethical side is different. It's like I feel the need for a higher power to be there to make sense of emotions, although my rough logic tells me that it likely isn't there. Hmm... -- pandapand (ENFP)
A4 A3 if it makes you happy then that is reason enough to be religious. Believe or disbelieve, you can still be part of something like that even if you have your doubts, as it will at least serve you in other areas. It is whatever works for you. -- Anonymous
A5 ENTP. Universalist. Born and raised Catholic, though. -- Marga
A6 I'm INTj, and Mormon. -- Rob
A7 ESFp, Presbyterian. -- ESFp
A8 INTj and atheist. But of course I was baptise christian orthodox and 3 month of age. I was trying to oppose as much as I could but to no avail. On the serious side, any correlation between type and religion should be done only for people who constiently change their religion and if this criteria is not good enough as evry person has some sort of religion indoctrination on the early chilhood and changing the religion can only be an action against that indoctrination. -- Vlad - INTj
A9 I'm INTj, cultural Catholic, refuse to practice any other religion and probably won't step inside of a church again unless it's for a wedding or funeral. I do consider myself to be a spiritual person. -- econdude
A10 I am INFp. I have not practiced, am not practicing, and will continue not to practice any form of organized religion. My Ni tells me so. -- Anonymous
A11 Interesting point by Vlad (A8). For my part, although I'm quite happily converted to my faith (A6), I doubt I would have ever been so, to any faith, if I hadn't first been raised in it. In fact, I'm quite sure I'd be agnostic. On the other hand, I see many who react against how they've been raised, for whatever reason, and grow bitter (often illogically, sometimes not) against specific faiths and religion in general. I'm not sure where the dividing line is between embracing and rejecting one's upbringing. I think it's a combination of personality and background. -- Rob
A12 I don't believe in magic. -- Bob
A13 A12 - I bet you are an S. -- econdude
A14 Christian and ENFP -- Anonymous
A15 A13 yep -- Bob
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A16 ISFp Atheist. Which is funny because ISFps tend to be particularly religious. -- Lena, ISFp
A17 INTp and Atheist. I was raised Christian then my family turned into messianic jews, and then I broke away. Mastered the subject though, as I have read the bible over again many times*some books way more than others*. I pulled my little ENFp(16 brother out of it but my twin INTj(24) brother won't see the light. My ESFj(25) sister is Christian, despite my firm warnings. -- Lord Java the 3rd
A18 I don't believe in athiests, and there's no real evidence that any exist. -- xSTP
A19 I am an INFj and I am a particularly unhappy athiest. I want to believe there is a god but i just cant do it.... -- Anonymous
A20 It sounds like you do believe in God but possibly can't reconsile your belief with the deluded images which humanity has created for itself. -- xSTP
A21 @A20, i think there is a strong possibility of that, if i am understanding you correctly, that i think there might be a god but that humanity has put so many layers and burdens on this god that it feels really wrong now. -- Anonymous
A22 A19 I would like to believe in santa (well, he never visited me as a child but that's because I was bad) but thing is as adults, we've got to just accept stuff even if we think it isn't ideal in making us happy. There are benefits to knowledge also, for every negative, there is always a plus -- Bob
A23 .title:"on the note of Is the Religion/atheism etc. and acceptable orientations of those in the For or Against category" a piece of Kabalistic literature there is a verse that goes...'x'...forgot it...but it has the implication of saying 'i saw many different paths..these seemed to be instituted by the Creator,...[and in the authors own note:].:.i was confused 'as to the need for this' but knew i would understand sometime..not needing to know as this was not my point on earth'. the under purpose of this path is proberly gained by the orientation of those who form opinions for or against. As is said...who cares about unity now, so long as that when there is a crisis all are able to unite with there mutual strengths in the face of a greater enemy. So although i beleive something or nothing, it don't matter [to state it here]... my satisfaction is in showing the design principle behind the present scheme of communication -- @sirac
A24 ENTp and Charismatic Christian Minister- which is difficult for me as an ENTp, I'm made very sad by fellow christians who believe such illogical things, like the earth only being six thousand years old for example, in light of all the evidence to the contrary. As if new information is threatening to faith, many professing christians have made themselves look utterly rediculous to the rest of society. -- PRD14
A25 Im an INFp and an atheist -- INFp
A26 I am an isfp and a christian. I don't want to believe that there isn't a God because that would make life totally pointless. -- Maggie
A27 I don't want to believe there is a God because this would make my life totally pointless. -- Vlad - INTj
A28 And you can listen to heavy metal without going to Hell! -- INFp
A29 A28, there is NO verse in the Bible that forbids listening to heavy metal music. -- DustBunny
A30 That's because it wasn't invented then! Anyway, I was only joking.... -- INFp
A31 If you took a verse from the bible and put it into a heavy metal song, that's still ok yeah? :confused: -- Bob
A32 Hmmm.... I suppose it depends on the music... if the music was really happy and the verses were about Jesus being crucified I think a lot of Christians would be offended! The Life of Brian springs to mind... -- INFp
A33 There is a lot of christian heavy metal music -- Anonymous
A34 Christian-infp -- Anonymous
A35 Greek and Nordic Gods reviver. One God just doesn't cut it for me. No God is no good either. -- INTp
A36 ENTP, jewish. -- Anonymous
A37 "I don't want to believe there is a God because this would make my life totally pointless. - Vlad - INTj" Interesting take. Most people would say religion makes their life NOT pointless. -- Anonymous
A38 Took the turbo test, it said I was an INFp (will take the long test a bit later today) and I'm agnostic leaning towards athiesm. I feel that even if a higher power exists, human beings aren't capable of understanding it, and any attempt would be in vain. It'd be like a single cell organism trying to grasp the concept of human emotion, or some such comparison. If we're talking established religions, I'd say I'm an athiest. I'm very anti-organized religion. More spiritual than anything else. -- Mike
A39 intp non religious -- Anonymous
A40 ISFJ Roman Catholic -- Anonymous
A41 I like discordianism/ironic shamanism, I might be an ENFp -king -- Anonymous
A42 INFJ and I am a Christian, although that is a broad definition. I consider myself to be a follower of Christ. However, I don't think there are any certain types that are more likely to be religious. I have seen believers of every type and it seems that believing in God is more of a personal factor that isn't necessarily related to personality type. -- Anonymous
A43 I belong to the church of GNU hahah -- :)
A44 INTJ and I am none religious.I used to be a moslem as a kid. -- The last pope
A45 INTp. I don't follow any religious practice. I was raised thanks. -- Anonymous
A46 ENTP and atheist. I firmly believe that people should create their own morals and think with their heads, not their bibles. -- Anonymous
A47 INTP - and christianity...but not that practised by the masses, i feel they are impractical and detrimental to there own cause (even if they know there cause...they tend to miss it). who was the greatest of us in history...perhaps Stalin, but there is his history and it's suffering and a warning in that. @A46-my ENTP friend is also athiest...and i confirmed him in this...logically and in arguement for his case also. (c what i mean, from my view all the rest are going to hell....jokes...haha and laughter....but such are the cognitions of earthly life) -- @sirac
A48 I am a philosophical Satanist (aka Laveyan Satanist) with some of my personal beliefs borrowed from the Tao. So my own personal religion is like a combination of Taoism and Modern Satanism. I do not believe in any deity. -enfp -- Anonymous
A49 ENTp atheist. -- Nodder56
A50 I am an INTJ following of Jesus Christ. I know this sounds like an contradiction; however, I find evidence in the existance of God in my extraverted feeling, but also logically as well. I also have a friend who is an INTJ that is even going into the ministry. Ironic huh. -- Anonymous
A51 I'm an ENFP. Both of my parents were from a Catholic family, but they decided to become atheists when they grew up and passed their ideas on to me. And I have my own ideas. I think there is a God, but I don't think that God would be some old guy with a long beard sitting on a cloud. If you'd ask me what God was like, I would say God is everything and everyone. Everything that exists, everything that doesn't exist, everything that used to exist and everything that will exist. People who are living right now, people who died and people who haven't lived yet. From the world most powerfull man to the tiniest little peace of stone; everything is God. And what's after this life? A surprise! And that is just what it should stay. Maybe we go to heaven or hell, maybe there will be nothing after life, maybe we become ghoasts, maybe we reincarnate, but maybe there will be something after this life that no one has ever thought of! I've been thinking about this for a long time, but I guess that what is after life is just meant to be a surprise, however I don't know exactly why, and I actually don't even want to understand it. It just wouldn't be fun to understand everything. -- Anonymous
A52 Atheist/agnostic, was a christian as a child but soon realised it was a load of BS. -- ENFP
A53 I'm an INFp and I've called myself an agnostic since I learned the word "agnostic" existed. -- Anonymous
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