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Question #1205918337Wednesday, 19-Mar-2008
Category: ENTp ISFj Relationship
how does the isfj see the entp (MB isfj, entp's opposite), how do they interact and what are some ways they can overcome their differences? -- Anonymous
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A1 my store manager where I work is an isfj, and he is heavly bullied by a little bookeeper(entp). -- Jas
A2 I'm an ISfj and I think most of the ENTps I know are very annoying. I guess I don't know many personally though. It's just more that they don't seem to take anything seriously and are always outbursting and what not. I think some are kind of funny though, kinda. -- Anonymous
A3 I think ENTps are okay, I just don't work that well with them and often times have a hard time interacting with them because we're so different -- ISFj
A4 My father is ENTP and I am ISFJ (his conflictor), we never get along. He makes dozens of projects/ideas that he never starts or finishes. He's always late, and lacks the relibility and stability the ISFJ seeks. When I tell him about my feelings, he shrugs it of and feels uncomfortable. Definitely a relationship with Lack of understanding. -- Anonymous
A5 First question; as someone severly, potentially and actually, "threatening" any aspect of harmony in every aspect of life. Second question; for the isfj, as one beeing "opressed" by the formerly described "pressure": For the entp, beeing "opressed" by the annoyance of the recognition of this pressure in the isfj. Third question, which has an answer of universal implications and usage; when both parties are able to comply with the all the input received in this world, without necessarily connect and react to it, as a personal attack, in any way shape or form, even if that was the intention. Which is a highly developed skill and way of reasoning. Everything above is from personal experience, except that the last one is on a theorethical basis. -- entp
A6 ENTp with an ISFj mother. I'm not sure if she's always been ISFj though, but she defintely is one now. She sees good intentions, but believes that actions are done with a purpose. She does not understand my lack of sensing (forgetting things, a general not caring about details), especially since she knows that I'm smart. Interaction is fine, as long as I (the ENTp) have not done anything wrong at all, and she is not in a bad mood. However, that is impossible in the long run, and makes an uncomfterable relationship. The relationship works best in short term, I enjoy talking to her for about 10 minutes before I unwittingly mention that I have misplaced something, or haven't done something. I think it might be worse because she is my mother, as I know she is a well-rounded person in every enviroment except around me. The secret is as little interaction as possible, but when forced the ENTp must try to be sympathetic and act accordingly. An ISFj covers the ENTp's weaknesses well, but goes out in helping the ENTp in such a painful manner that it really can't be used productively. The ISFj is the last type to try to give advice to, at least from my perspective. -- ENTpee
A7 The ISFj is the last type to try to give advice to, at least from my perspective. ENTpee, you cleared up, or manifested pretty well my own experience here. Advices have been met with everything from disbelief to right out hostile behaviour. Up to a point where I entirely quit advicing certain individuals no matter how serious the issues was. And yes again on the interaction time, about ten minutes or so, short bursts of interaction, seem to fit my own experience as well. Beyond that, discomfort kicks in. -- entp
A8 very dislike interaction with thwm. isfjs seem too self-orientated and ignores others. they donno their self contradictions and brings their emotion up disregarding others. no interest to disscuss /talk about any issue at all. -- pal
A9 as an isfj, i feel that relationships with entp's can be very exciting but also extremely chaotic. together, an isfj and an entp create a complete unit and although these two types may often times compliment each other quite positively, they ultimately tend to clash due to their extreme differences. personally, i feel the best way for these two very different types to overcome their differences is practice open and honest communication. isfj's tend to be deep analytical people who possess a strong desire to be understood. because of this, entp's must allow the introspective thoughts of an isfj companion come to the surface if they truly wish to gain progress in and better their relationship. at the same time, isfj's should avoid being closed off to the sometimes seemingly radical ideas of an entp and instead attempt to embrace these foreign ideas as new and interesting information. its also important for an isfj to remain open minded and avoid quickly labeling an emtp's ideas as impossible or unrealistic. entp's bring a great deal of excitement and inspiration into the life of an isfj, however, their aimlessness and natural desire and ability to capture the attention of a crowd is often very difficult for an isfj to accept and tolerate. -- isfj
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A10 Im an ENTp who had an ISFj teacher years ago. It was absolutely terrible. Everything I said to her she mistook for "back talking" her. I was yelled at at least 4 times a week. She would flip out over the most miniscule things I said. I have never had a worst relation with someone in my life. -- Anonymous
A11 I am an ENTP male with an ISFJ sister. We have never got on, no matter how hard both of us have tried in the past. After the first 30 minutes of polite pleasantries like say, a reintroduction of each other at a family gathering (christmas for example), soon it descends into wanton destruction which starts to affect the wider circle of family members, friends etc unfortunate to be around us at the time. Both of us have the uncanny ability to rub each other up the wrong way with apparently little or no effort whatsoever. She has always accused me of having little or no regard for other peoples feelings (mainly her own). Admittedly for an ENTP, we may give the appearance of having little regard for other people, but deep down (in my mind) I have very strong feelings underneath my cool exterior. I just prefer not to show it too much and I always let my thoughts overrule my feelings (except with those whom I have bonded closely to through lengthy gestations of learning to trust the other person. My partner of 7 years is an INTJ), incidentally) My ISFJ sister is in fact extremely self-centred (which normally we're accused of being), manifesting itself in supreme martyrdom. She will attempt to knock me down in an attempt to feel better about herself. This is because she has big self-esteem issues. As a child, I always knew how to press her buttons and wind her up to the point of uncontrollable rage and admittedly I delighted in this, becauser it was so easy to do. But then I got bored and moved on, but unfortunately she never did do. Sometimes I wonder if I caused irreversible emotional damage to her, but then again she has done some pretty nasty things to me. Though I am better equipped to deal with it and move on. And as such, we have decided to draw a line in the sand and never have anything to do with each other again. That way, it's better. -- ChrispyDuck
A12 Had three "comps" in my mormon mission that were ISFj's and they were the absolute most frustrating people to be around. I found them to be emotionally dependent, manipulative (guilt tripping usually), inflexible, and irrational. We never accomplished anything and either they were ****ing and moaning about the most irrelevant stupid little things I had done, I was trying to have fun with them which usually led to them saying something like "I don't think this is an appropriate moment for that", me purposefully getting a rise out of them because I was tired of their boringness, or me utterly ****ed off at them and about to rip out their lungs for having done something that completely betrayed what little trust I had placed in them. But I did find later that if I only saw them about once a year and talked to them for no more than ten minutes we could get along just fine. But I'd still rather never see them or any other ISFj ever again. -- ENTp awesomeness
A13 For an ISFj ENTps are rivers overfilled with ideas. Finding there one or few good ideas is comfortable but living with ENTps is a huge risk of being totally submerged through tons of inaplicable propositions! -- piccolo_michel
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