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Question #1205487721Friday, 14-Mar-2008
Category: INTp Stereotype
Is it true that most INTps don't care about having fun? -- deedeedee
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A1 I am not sure if it's true but this is how it looks like. -- Vlad - INTj
A2 I think people who are miserable and pessimistically judgemental can mistype themselves as INTp and then use this as an excuse for their behaviour. I've met some INTp's who are unaware of socionics and they are actually OK -- Anonymous
A3 I'm INTP and I care about having fun. I look forward to going on trips and traveling to different countries. I like to spend time with my close friends and I also like to go out on the town. -- yogurt
A4 Remember, fun means different things to different folks. So just because the stereotypical INTP may prefer to stay home rather than party doesn't mean he/she hates "fun". As an INTP, I'm a villified "fun-seeker"'s just that what I do for fun may not seem so to other people. -- Anonymous
A5 Lucky for ESFps, INTps not caring about fun is just a crazy stereotype. -- deedeedee
A6 man, we do care about fun. its just that the rest of the world doesnt get our fun -- katiethegirl-intp
A7 intps are very fun. they are subtle though. i worked with a intp who had a great sense of humor and was very quirky. you have to be "tuned in" to them though. they are very unique and off-the-wall people. -- Anonymous
A8 I love to have fun! That I have always attributed to being a "P". I am shy about getting started having fun but once I'm there watch out! I love to ski, etc.My next adventure is going to be learning to dirt bike with my 17 year old son. I am quite excited the adrenalin rush! INTp just need to fell comfortable with the people they are with an usually need an SP to get things going. -- Firstlite
A9 since this is about how the world in general 'assessesses' INTPs, i would say the ans is 'NO'. and no, i am saying it directly to your faces so u would know i am not a ####y-ass. Yes i can experience fun...but there is a type-set mentality about this. I believe work is fun, it's fun developing oneself...and when i get around to having fun, when the conditions are there...i believe i have more fun than the average...and that the people i would take along for those moments would experience it as so to. so no, i would not enjoy the fun thing just because i can eat an ice-cream and chat...i value the trip aspect...what people feel and experience and come to when they have fun around me...that is my fun...seeing my design accessments meet -- @sirac
A10 ...What the heck do you mean by "fun", all types prefer to enjoy themselves as opposed to being miserable. INTps just look for fun in different ways. -- Anonymous
A11 My best friend and my boyfriend are both INTps, and I laughed reading this because "just having a different idea of what fun is" is EXACTLY how I planned to describe them. Definitely second that. -- Lena, ISFp
A12 No, every type and ever person has their own idea of fun. -- oo ro
A13 Maybe it's just that what seems fun to an INTP doesn't seem fun to any other types? -- Wendy
A14, if i designed your fun,...i'd be the most capitalistic, i'd make more money from u having fun than any other type would by designing fun for u. now...who are the true Jews of th e socionic jew claw is definiately acting today -- @sirac
A15 I think INTPs aren't as concerned with conforming to social norms, which can be mistaken for not being concerned with having fun. For example, I knew a couple INTPs in high school, and they never were into the idea of going to the homecoming dances or the prom. They generally just have more of a "whatever" attitude about things other people go out of their way to make happen. -- Anonymous
A16 A5: Yeah, definitely -- ESFp
A17 Huh? The INTps I know all prefer doing things they enjoy to doing things they don't enjoy. Isn't that universal? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question. -- Anonymous
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A18 My husband complains about this all the time. He's an Se dominant. My brand of fun certainly doesn't follow the mainstream concept of 'fun'. -- Anonymous
A19 I care about having fun. Based on the tests, I am an INTP. Some of the INTPs that are 100% Introverted, and Thinking are probably less caring about fun. By fun I mean friends, parties, etc. To me, I think every aspect of Life should be explored. Ah, and I do not go to parties anymore. It's not intellectually stimulating, and I spend too much money if I party. I see no benefits from it. I still like to go eat with friends, and have interesting conversations, or no conversation at all if the subject doesn't interest me. I think we are having fun by earning knowledge or self-accomplishment from something. I don't know if you guys will understand my grammar. -- RiceBaiiKhao
A20 @A15: exactly right on about the social norms. I didn't go to my high school prom or homecoming dances. It just didn't sound like something I would enjoy. At all. Just thinking about it now is making me feel anxious and high school was 10 years ago! But I do enjoy some normal things: partying with friends, going to amusement parks, that sort of things. I also have just as much if not more fun reading a good book, researching information, debating someone about anything, having an intellectual conversation. -- Anonymous
A21 I am an INTp and the only thing that ever did matter to me is 'quality of life'... that is, 'fun'. If it's not enjoyable I just can't make myself do it. -- Anonymous
A22 I think its just that we like to do things not generally accepted as fun? It's fun only specifically to ourselves. -- Prince
A23 im an intp, for me fun is trying to make sense of different things, and finding formulas for creating things like music/art. Being exposed to new info that i see as applicable is fascinating. Hanging out with friends n using imagination in a humorous way is great. I love watching people create something theyre passionate about too. -- Anonymous
A24 I am an intp female. fun is not going to clubs but its hanging out with close friends playing video games and joking around. do most other females find that fun? probably not. -- ur face
A25 Are you kidding? We love fun! In fact, fun is pretty much the thing we want to have all the time, we hate work. Our idea of fun is just totally different than most people's idea of fun. To me, sitting at home alone reading a good book with no one to bother me or tell me to do something is like an ideal afternoon. -- An INTP female
A26 no.they mybe consider as "fun" different kind of things than you(they usually do not like parties,for exmple) -- Anonymous
A27 Define "fun". Seriously though, I'm sure ESFj's definition of fun is a lot different than INTp's. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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