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Question #1204491471Sunday, 2-Mar-2008
Category: INFp
Are INFPs more prone to depression? -- DustBunny
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A1 No more than anyone else. Can't see why they would be. Life mostly presents similar problems to everyone, and everyone can struggle to deal with them from a pov of their own socionic outlook on life, as well as just being dealt some bad luck -- Anonymous
A2 I think INFps are more prone to can overcome any depression. (: I'm an optimistic INFp! -- Anonymous
A3 A2: I will second your comments. I am also highly optimistic about life, but I do believe that NF types generally tend to get overwhelmed by things moreso than others. It's an emotionally charged temperament, by definition. -- Anonymous
A4 I also think that NF types are more prone to depression, especially INFX types, because we're idealistic, and when the world doesn't live up to our expectations it's easy to lose hope. As perfectionists, we also tend to become frustrated when things go wrong. -- Anonymous
A5 No. I'm sure this question will help propagate the myth, though. -- Anonymous
A6 I think it's not about personality type, its about other factors, social environment, childhood, experiences, and so on. The question may be: Which type is more able or faster to get over a depression? I sure know that most INFp-s, if they are depressed or just melancholic, got acceptance problems in general, they feel like nobody understands them. This could be true, most people function differently, and it is more a SJ-society than a NF-society. But in my opinion it doesnt mean that SJs are less depressive. Being perfectionist: oh, so true. I often wish I could get rid of that and simply have fun, like all the others do, just to unwind. (sorry for twisted english) - inf -- Anonymous
A7 That seems like a myth influenced by MBTI. Mental and physical disorders are not related to type. INFP's may seem like they're more prone to depression since they're likely to discuss such personal afflictions compared to a lot of other types who tend to be more private about such matters -- An INFJ
A8 I think society propogates a myth that extroverted types are happier and therefore introverts, or INFps for example, would be more prone to depression. I doubt that the E/I difference counts much in the factors that cause depression. Besides which, the media and most people think of social extroversion and introversion when they read or hear about it. I would extend my logic to each of the other preferences. Why would S/N determine the likelihood of depression? I would doubt that it does. -- econdude
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A9 being grateful destroys any depression. just write it down on paper and u cant me infp -- k izzle
A10 As far as clinical depression - no. That's biological. I do think Introverted NF types are more idealistic though, and have a hard time being content/happy. A word you can use is depressed, but not in a medical sense. Anyone can have clinical depression. I do feel like I have a lot harder time coping with regular day to day things. That's also why those types tend to want to help others, and are emphatic. We have a hard time coping ourselves, so we can't imagine what others have to go through in a tough situation so we long to help. Oprah is an NF type. -- Anonymous
A11 As an INFP, I can attest to the fact that I am not inclined toward depression, but I am inclined toward occasional melancholy - distinct because it is not despair or hopelessness, but instead a pensive, refreshing sadness. I enjoy this emotion, because I find it to be 1) powerful and profound; beautiful in its own right, and 2) freeing of pent-up and unspoken disappointments and stress. I like to cry sometimes, and if you saw me doing it, you would be perplexed at the girl who is crying while smiling. I believe this behaviour is connected to my classification as an INFP, although I cannot prove it, and other INFPs may have a different experience. Hopefully, this helps to clear things up. -- Anonymous
A12 Most INFPs actually enjoy being depressed. Not..Enjoy, I guess, but.. content being depressed. Someone made a topic on an INFP forum asking if any other INFPs took comfort in being sad. The answer was yes, by various INFPs. -- Anonymous
A13 I think being depressed is calm and relaxing, lol -- Simon The INFp
A14 Yes. Yes. Yes they are very prone to depression -- Anonymous
A15 Hello, well I fall under the INFJ dominant trait whilst I am also in the range of INFP. I have suffered with depression throughout my teenage years and adult life, (I'm in my forties now). I have always felt an outsider in my family and have my own small group of trusted friends. I find that people have difficulty understanding me, as much of my ideas seem to go straight over their head, which does cause me some feelings of alienation. To combat my depression and anxiety, I practise meditation (Buddhist) which helps me greatly, as much as the teachings of Buddhism. I understand this would not appeal to everyone, but it gives me relief from my troubled thoughts and allows me to centre myself and keep apart of myself (Mind essence) sacred and free from the defilements of this world. -- Bikerdelic
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