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Question #1204446510Sunday, 2-Mar-2008
Category: ISFp
ISFps, could you please give me an in depth description of yourself? Thank you. -- nachos
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A1 I love to have fun! Smiling or observing someone smile makes me feel wonderful tingling sensations throughout my entire body from face to feet. I usually begin to dance without thinking about it, especially when listening to techno, pop, dance, some kinds of rock, ambient, world, reggae, soul, funk, and new age music. Aesthetics are particularly important to me because I delight in a beautiful symphony of well coordinated colors and designs. I am also delighted when an acquaintance takes joy in my appearance/scent/environment, so I strive to present myself well in order for there to be pleasant interaction beginning with the aesthetic nature of the event. Appreciation for the fine arts extends to the culinary arts, as well. When food tastes delicious, I instantly want to know what ingredients were used in the recipe. But, taste is not the only important factor. The presentation is very important, also. How the sauces are drawn across the food and the plate on which the meal is served, the colors of the dressings and garnishes must complement one another, the choice of silverware, dishes, table cloths, napkins, etc.. For the ISFP, none of this is done to be "snobby". Not at all! The ISFP has been blessed with a remarkable sense of "what fits" and, it would only be honorable for them to use this gift for the benefit of mankind rather than to neglect it. This aptitude towards understanding beauty allows the world to be a more wonderful place wherever man has designated to install functional spaces in the place of the natural beauty found in nature. I pray their hearts be protected from those who seek to discourage them simply because they do not understand their point of view or they view ISFPs as lazy bums who want to fingerpaint all day. ISFPs simply want to beautify your world so that you and they may heal and celebrate the joys of this life together in loving embrace. -- claudia maria
A2 @A1, I must admit that it sounds too good to be true. Or maybe I'm just a lot more cynical than all that since I'm already 24. I admit to having a great affinity for pets (dogs, to be exact) and to having some sort of artistic talent. I'm pretty good at drawing (not being narcissistic...) and writing short stories and poetry (our romantic side, you know), but my favorite pastime is reading fantasy/romance novels/comics. I really like making people laugh, although some of my jokes may be a bit lame and slightly sarcastic (but who cares?). I get along well with mostly everyone, and friends tell me all the time that they like how easygoing I am and that they feel comfortable being themselves with me. It could be because I live by the philosophy of "to each his own". Also, I don't hold grudges over the span of a few hours because it just uses up too much energy over something so trivial. Still, I really dislike people who become overly clingy because I need a lot of "me" time. When I'm outside, I love socializing, but when I'm at home, or when I want time on my own, I can hole myself up in my room for days and enjoy my own company. I've been told I'm a good listener, but I also enjoy two-way communication; I don't want to have to listen to your everyday life stories when you obviously have no interest in mine (not that they're very interesting, but still). I enjoy telling jokes with a straight face and just love using witty comebacks. ISFPs are supposed to have a hard time saying "No" but I've learnt how to do so, albeit in a nice and non-hurtful way, because I don't like how disgusted I am with myself for later doing what I didn't wish to be doing. I've always enjoyed the company of extroverts, and most of my good friends or people that I connect with are always outgoing. I get along very well with my ENFp sister (semi-duality) and not as well with my ESFj mom. My sister subtly manipulates me when she wishes me to do something, and I know she's doing it, but I don't mind at all because I feel like I still have the last say. E.g. She wants me to accompany her to a place and I don't feel like going. She tells me that she'll treat me to XXX because she knows how much I love the food there. Still, she leaves me be when I decide not to go anyway and I love her for that. With my ESFj mom, I don't like how she tells me to my face that she wants me to do something. Anyway, the ISFp circle is correct; since I get along with many people, I only bother contacting the ones I connect with. Just means that if I give you a call, it means that you're in my circle. Though I prefer actual hang-outs than phone calls. With friends, I tend to open up to those whom I feel would listen. I have a good girl-space-friend who enjoys talking, and sometimes, I do get bored from merely listening. Occasionally, she does ask me to tell her things about myself since she's always the one talking, but then I just have nothing to tell. I think I'm a magnet for people with problems. =/ I'm pretty much not motivated unless I'm doing something I like such as drawing (which I will painstakingly compose for hours or weeks). The end result is always astonishing to my family who will then "ooh and ahh" over it, giving me the praise that I so willingly suck up. I don't cook but I do appreciate art and how beautiful the sunset looks when I'm taking a walk. Unlike what ISFps are supposed to be, I'm a stickler for punctuality and if I say I'll call, you can expect me to keep my word. I don't like to brag at all; I admit to being fashionable and getting guys have never been a problem for me, since so many have been after me. The thing is, I don't connect with them at all and have no wish to pursue a relationship. Why waste time with someone I don't click with when I could be doing other things I love? Reason why I'd love to meet one of my duals. I don't think I've ever met one in real life. Anyhow, I think I've just babbled a bit too much. Hope this answers your question. -- ISFJ/ISFp
A3 I really enjoy learning every single thing that "picks my eye", when it happens I'm just immersed in it and don't notice time happening on me till I get thirsty, hungry or just sleepy -I need long walks, contact with natural environment and physical activity to feel good myself. Have a big imagination, but I enjoy it when I create something with (can be a music piece, a poem, or just a dance performance inspired on music I'm tuned with), otherwise I feel lost myself. All my life (since school to university) I had problems to get highly theoretical subjects -even in such I love, for example like music and find myself easy to compose songs once I play it up, but hardly to get them following staff -I don't get what's a #Mi if I don't listen it on piano clearly. When I studied literature, I find it interesting at beginning cuz was discovering new ways to express art through words, later I find myself upset with thousands theories I rarely read. In short, I've seen my best learning way is the most practical possible (hand it up, trying to figure out how works up to understand. I truly like reading theories, concepts, and many stuff about self-discovering; however, I'm skeptical when I find it out of application on myself and others. By another hand, I'm kind and supporting with my relationships. Sometimes I feel too engage with my friends, but I'd wish to say "no" when I feel so with no bad feelings on myself -I like being frank, with it's been hard to me being so. Thereby, I feel complex and misunderstood even myself. At my best, and easygoing, tolerant, and just engage to enjoy creating myself any single day. -- LynxSphinx
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