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Question #1204446481Sunday, 2-Mar-2008
Category: INFj
INFjs, could you please give me an in depth description of yourself? Thanks! -- nachos
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A25 I'm generally hot or cold on a thing. From the time I was a child if I was in to something I was REALLY into it and if not, I had no use for it. My mom called me her 100% boy because I was intense that way. I delve into a thing so intensely until I wear myself out and then move on to the next thing and do the same. It's how I process things. I have to go so deep that I'm immersed in it until I understand it then by that time I'm probably bored or exhausted and need a break. Then I downtime. I learn everything the hard way. If I processed something in the standard way described above, I probably came to some epiphany or conclusion that solidified an opinion which I am unlikely to ever change. If I'm passionate about it I'll fight to the death for it. If it's a topic I've not explored I probably have almost zero opinion about it and would really love to not give one. Instead I'd much rather listen. Even if I did form an opinion on a topic, after years of cooling off and finding interest in other things, I'll be very happy to listen to contradicting opinions and evaluate if I still feel the same way. In relationships, if I care about the person I will not rock the boat because they are more important to me than said opinion, and while I'll quietly keep mine, if they are passionate about theirs I'll try my best to be sensitive and not upset them...unless I'm drinking in which case I'll completely forget to filter and something will probably slip out and upset. I'm creative, and consider myself career wise first and foremost a maker. As long as I'm making something I can get in the zone and feel rewarded by completing said thing. I'm handy AF and can build/repair nearly anything as long as I have youtube for instructions and the right tools, sometimes even if I have the wrong tools, but mostly if I have enough time/motivation to figure it out. I have a few close friends, and a lot of acquaintances. The close friends are separated from the acquaintances by the following. First, intuitive free flowing conversation, reciprocal interest, ability to listen when I have **** I need to unload as it's part of how I process life. These friends will find me to be accommodating, compassionate, caring, intuitive, insightful, and giving if called for. I don't say no a lot to them. If trust is firmly established I won't be offended by much unless they violate the following: harshly disrespect/invalidate my feelings or opinion (disagreeing with feelings or opinion is fine), take advantage of my niceness repeatedly until I break (i.e. door-slam trigger), general display of dismissal, not caring about the relationship or me. Being selfish people etc... In a romantic relationship, if I'm in love I'm, REALLY. IN. LOVE. I'll hang on the cross for her until she does the above things. I'll spoil her. I'll want her the same way I engulf in passions. Including sex. It can be too much which I'm going to work on: being more balanced and taking more me time in the future. I'm both funny and serious, goofy and sincere, passionate and indifferent but seldom boring and almost never bored. I have many hobbies including painting and drawing, power kites, skate boards, motorcycles, making random **** if there's a reason, running, boating, hiking, camping, biking, and long talks. I know most wouldn't consider long talks a hobby but the way I like to do it, it is for me. Most of the things I become passionate about find me. It's never really happened that I go out looking for something to care about. It happens organically. I imagine I will be like that until I die or the world runs out of interesting things to discover and understand. I'm spiritual but not religious. I don't have much use for organized government or religion though I see their usefulness in the world. -- INFJ Male 40
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