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Question #1202480318Friday, 8-Feb-2008
Category: ENFp INFp E/I Typing
What are the key differences between IEI (INFp) and IEE (ENFp? The main reason I' assking is because I'm trying to place a certain person I suspect to be IEI... I find it odd that I'm not bothered by too much Fe around her... -- MD (INTp)
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A1 The two ENFps I know pay a lot of attention to people. I REALLY like this because I feel like people don't pay enough attention to each other, but I just don't always have the energy to engage people, especially people not close to me. (So many people seem so sad.) This may not help much, but may be better than nothing... -- learning
A2 I would like to know this as well. I have always considered myself INFp, but I have begun to question whether or not I may be ENFp based on function descriptions. As A1 mentions, I dont think I exude very much Fe, which may be a fairly telling sign. Differentiating between Ne and Ni, however, is ideas? -- Anonymous
A3 I think VI could help here. ENFps are very active and flexible, their eyes tend to move around quite a lot, while INFps are slow and much more steady in their movements. You can also look for the ways of expressing their opinions - INFps like to present coherent insights on society, relationships and the like, being clear about their point of view, while ENFps focus more on commenting on the situation, supporting the people around them and telling funny stories than on expressing a clearly stated opinion. Btw, the INFps I know do not present a strong Fe either, they are probably the least Fe of all Fe types. But there is also a possibility she might be an INFj. -- Ezis
A4 howzit ol' MD. glad to see u. not that i am really going to answer this post or consider an answer in light of what the other posters say...cause i like to play with my prey. I remember a post from long time ago...where u spoke of a relation u had with an INFP..posing that post to gain insights into the INFP. i never thought about it until awhile later... This is what i thought:__why does it matter to place the Isfp vs. the Esfp...what does the I or E matter. Cause we have as INTPs a baseline NTP, it is natural that we would always chase an SFP from the dust. I think once two personalities are so locked in (by that stage of attraction).. it does not matter the EorI in either. As we live and have relation with the other EI areas are ironned out..but the process starts by the mutual polarity of NTP-SFP. Does that state my opinion correctly...should i try and wring a justification from my arse or should it just be accepted that this is what we got and work with naturally. -- @sirac
A5 all posters here were gratitude. If i think of identifying EorI in SFP...the process seems pretty useless above some mere topological things which one could ascribe to one or the other (esfp or isfp). To continue, if i think of id'ing EorI, it comes down to mere communications repertoire. As these posters mention..A3 and A2..that either ESFP or ISFP would care little to push out F communications vectors (so all is still comfortable in the land of canan). But when it comes to relationship building than communications repertoire between NTP and SFP would tend to be in some areas more E for the iNTP or more I for the eSFP (and contra balance of I for eNTP & E for iSFP). Most of these things seek characterization in communications zones..and everything is not straight E or I____so i think the process is useless. However where it is not useless is in the domain an INTP like MD or i would definiately see..: cause we feel our I's as very intrinsic to our life. I don't think an SFP would know or need to know (a bit at A2 there). But when it comes to a relational phase..after there is mutual attraction..i think the best possible thing is merely to keep chasing the cat by the tail...SFPs and NTPs would have to interact...even force it over the hard domains...whatever that may be like attention or trust -- @sirac
A6 though a final word on this. a massive tendency amongst woman SFPs is the tendency to for men and an upgrade on the one they have. The SFPs which don't shop have a worth that exceeds they i or e...i would go for them...that is my word -- @sirac
A7 INFp: earnest, wistful, plaintive, a little detached, whimsical, polite, tactful, facetious, dreamy, seemingly ill-adapted to the harsh realities of life. ENFp: friendly, perky, optimistic, warm, kind, playful, frivolous, creative, opportunistic, happy-go-lucky. That's based on overall impressions. To understand the difference based on functions, we need to contrast Ne and Ni, and Fe and Fi. In brief (lol), Ne focuses on the unique, the bizarre, the unusual; on pursing new ideas or opportunities, generating possibilities, and apprehending the essence of phenomena. Ne types are prone to experiencing "flashes of insight" or "eureka!" moments. With Ni, the focus is on meanings, hidden connects, signs, omens, symbolism, etc. Ni types also have a well-differentiated perception of the transient, impermanent qualities of life. Now for the much-discussed distinction between Fe and Fi: Fe involves an acute awareness of one's own and others emotional conditions and their specific manifestations (whether they're demonstrated through one's tone of voice, gestures, body language, speech, and so on). Fe types have the ability to easily influence the emotional state of others. Fi deals with relationships, feelings of like or dislike, benevolence and amity or enmity, attraction or repulsion, etc. Fi types also have a remarkable insight as to the character traits or moral qualities of others. By the way, to the original poster, comparative relations and illusionary relations are basically on the same plain of intertype compatibility, so there's no need to be too surprised that her Fe isn't that grating to you. -- Anonymous
A8 great post A7...and all of the wafting about [by me] summarized through formulae in socionics u bear toward us (esp. last few lines). My A6 post was the 1st of my posts i have ever seen on the main page... to be sure i was a bit shocked at that. i thought to add in the interim that when i have had forae's with iSFPs, that in the attraction phase there was 'great play' as bt intp-isfp there is an internalization of the process...but there is extinguishment in phases, whereas with ESFPs there is great continuity and a 'qualitive difference' biased as such cause i am Intp. for my A6 post, some-one attacked me on another page...i guess they won't play here in the word domain caused thats covered by my trained ferocity (not that i will hold that stance indelibly..and i say 'trained' not to flatter myself, but because that equates my grating words to an individual rather than a type). Oh what i want to say...rather than have people comment on the A6 post...and in connexion or extension of A7.. does this attraction thing in this entp/intp-isfp/esfp not have alot to do with being attracted to the dual by virtue of us feeling ourselves to be the masters of some sort of perception and recognizing some phases of journey in a daul (SFP or NTP) and so want to be part of it?'s a new language framework to use, but has this not always been the case...i mean__ even and especially when it comes to the intp(male)-esfp(female) with all of it's separation in various social phases...that this thing of sensing the others Perceptive cues has not and will always draw us?'s intense.. and besides i don't know of other dual pairs seemingly so far apart (in phases..i.e. social phases and even errors made in social appreciation of the other made by one of the type who feels stable in a certain life phase) -- @sirac
A9 help..... i have the same problem: i dont know whether i'm infp (mbti infj) or enfp (mbti enfp) ? seems that the conscious attitudes of one type are related to the exact same unconscious attitudes of the other type...or are they ? are there any good socionics profilers out there ? -- kensi
A10 I second A9's comments, precisely. -- Anonymous
A11 @A1: I (INFp per socionics) pay a lot attention to people as well, but they dont want it. Aside from me doing obviously something wrong, I would like to know, how ENFp are paying attention to other people, how does it show? -- Anonymous
A12 ENFp and INFp are capable of using Ni, Ne, Fi, and Fe; however, they prefer one over the other. An ENFp will automatically use Ne and Fi; they must make a *conscious effort* to use the other two. Also, they are *blind* to their use of Ni and Fe. Others see it from them, but they do not notice it. The reverse applies for INFp. -- Kanerou
A13 A7 I think that is a pretty damn (darn) good description! One thing, I find Fi also has an acute awareness of their inner states, but tends to be more overwhelmed and self obsessed and can blatantly miss easy outward (and generally important) emotional cues that Fe types generally would not miss. I think your Ne, Ni is pretty accurate. In general the difference b/t E/I in any area is that E is more likely scattered and will take larger judgmental or perceptive leaps than I, which prefers to let the connections form themselves after collecting enough information. To be honest though, I find that people change day to day. All this stuff is relative, I mean there is no true thinker or true feeler, we all have both. So when someone says "I am an F" they are just saying compared to most people they are MORE F. -- Anonymous
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A14 INFp's are very enthusiastic and charming externally. They tend to smile a lot and get a lot of fun out of life, especially on a one to one basis. They're verbally fluent and tend to talk about people to people. Drama and gossiping appeal to them. I don't know about ENFp's -- INFp
A15 A14 that sounds like an ENFP to me! -- ENFP
A16 I agree with A15! -- infp girl
A17 I agree with A14. That sounds a lot like me (infp) when I'm around friends. Generally i would say enfps are 'louder' than infps around others. Also infps can be quite hestitant and unsecure about many things, whereas enfps often don't think so long before they do something. A3 wrote infps are slow and much more steady in their movements. While this maybe true most of the time, the infps i know (including me) can be quite hyperactive and the exact opposite of that. It depends on which mode (function) either the infp or the enfp runs more often, both can appear introverted and extroverted. But when interacting with strangers a infp should be more hesitant than a enfp, who is more easily confident with new people. -- Anonymous
A18 You'll never see an ENFp have the nickname of "hermit," whereas almost all INFps have a reclusive side that the people in their lives know of. -- INTj laddie
A19 @A7 - I don't know the meaning of most of those words you used. Have to look them all up -- learning
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