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Question #1200418932Tuesday, 15-Jan-2008
Category: E/I Theory
In the case of introverts, does it ever happen to pass that the characteristics of the auxillary function (ie. closure for j's, non-closure for p's) become outwardly expressed less often than the characteristics of the dominant function? I use the example of the INFp. Is it possible to see this type extravert either predominantly j or predominantly p characteristics, depending on the strength of their auxillary Fe? It seems a continual point of debate among this type (and many others) as to which functions actually get expressed in the outer world, and hence, whether they are actually j or p. I realize this gets back to the very nature of the MBTI/socionics function debate. Still, I would like to hear what people have to say. -- Anonymous
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A1 oh great. this again. i posted something disjointing for it. but it along with post dissappeared. so my political argument. if they fail the maverick intps, they fail socionics...for sooner or later they will give up when the whole project seems to come appart from the seams. Although i don't get your question...i know that INF's posted on knowing wheather u are either infJ or infP. i pulled the question apart with a bit of 'perceptive logic application'...since the whole INF mode is very perceptive.. so a J or P would not neccasarily notice a absence or presence of J or P. One mature INF poster said they where a J...but i pointed this out as more a case of 'maturity step growth'.. so it is a problem. my dis-jointed comment, was that they 'should pray something akin to heartfelt prayer'...and ended off a boring post on my part with the joke from an inTp, that atleast i should never be accused of lacking the virtue that i sold weapons to the East (meaning from T's to you poor F's...take it with a pinch of salt or vodka) -- @sirac
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A2 Well thank you for that, disjointed as it certainly was. I would like to point out, for the record, that nothing in that question points to the fact that I might be an INFx, other than the inclusion of that pseudo-type as an example. Your writing suffers from a monsterous case of Ne, but I will certainly take that with a pinch of salt or vodka... -- Anonymous
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