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Question #1200217536Sunday, 13-Jan-2008
Category: Typing Fictional characters
What type is Harry Potter? -- ducksgoquack
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A1 If i had to guess for harry i would guess some sort of NF, possibly an INFP? -- Anonymous
A2 He seems pretty infj to me, maybe infp. -- Anonymous
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A3 Wow..never thought about this one. Number may be right..but, due to some things about him..I think he is INFj ! Either type is very likeable -- Cyclops
A4 Been racking my brain over this a long time... I am positive that Daniel Radcliffe is an ESFp. As to Harry himself, he is not an ESFp, but what he is ... Somewhat tricky, his character looks a bit unrealistic to me. I am sure he is an introvert. Mostly he seems to be N, but he loves playing Quidditch, an S activity. If he is friends with Ron, an ESFp or ISFj, and Hermione, ENTj or INTp, looks he could be an INFj. His relationship with Ginny looks like a dual one, but Ginny doesnt seem to be an ESTj to me. Overall, he seems to me an INTj, but then how could he be friends with Gamma quadras for such a long time? Getting nowhere... any other ideas? -- Anonymous
A5 I read somewhere he's an ISFj ...he's definitely a rational type (usually has a tactical approach to taking action, very decisive, thinks in terms of concrete, tactical formations instead of fluid undecided improvisation). Almost definitely a feeling type. He's not at all goofy like an Intuitive. It would make sense for him to be an ISFj in everything except his curiosity- although it could be more of a love of adventure rather than curiosity. I also read the first few pages of a study of the Harry Potter series that talked about the "psychology" behind the books. In that they talked about how curiosity and innovation is frowned upon (drawing shades of comparison with real schooling systems, perhaps), and Harry, Hermione, Snape, Voldemort and Dumbledore are all exceptional wizards because they demonstrate curiosity and they question methods that aren't practical or may be illogical. It's possible that Rowling wasn't building Harry as a real person so much as a way of attacking the systems of thought society enforces, specifically in the school system. And if so, it's also probable that she would be an Intuitive and/or Thinker trying to demonstrate the value of her dominant or secondary function. Maybe Harry is an Intuitive, but with his and Ron's dependence on Hermione for strategy and brainstorming, it doesn't seem likely to me. ISFj is the most appropriate fit as far as I can tell. -- The Sorting Hat
A6 Wow, never thought of ISFj, but it might be true, and it would explain the Quidditch, too - Se being the ISFj creative function. Btw, I know some ISFjs and they are not curious in the everyday sense of the word, but once they decide an issue is important (deciding what is important by their Fi), they do not stop until they know everything about it, which is exactly the type of curiosity Harry displays. Thanks for clearing it up, at least to me! -- Poster of A4
A7 First of all I think fictional characters transcend human typologies. Second, what good would do to know Harry Potter's type? I think this reaches a new level of silliness. -- Vlad - INTj
A8 Harry is not an ISFJ. I've read the books, Harry is an INFP. Harry is known for being chronically late, medicore acedemic record,(Both p traits) strong intuition(book 5,page 212)and Harry is also known for breaking rules(not an SJ trait.)Nor does he spend his time going "poor me" like all the miserable ISFJ bitchmoaners. -ENTP -- Harry Potter the Pothead.
A9 Harry is an INFP for sure... Ginny is probably the ISFJ. Hermione INTJ, and Ron ESFP or ESFJ. -- Anonymous
A10 @ Vlad #7 The good of knowing a fictional character's type: I want to evaluate Harry as a character, to fimd out if he is portrayed with accurate and realistic characterization. As a writer or even a reader, I want to know that characters in stories follow known patterns, behave consistently and are truly correlated to the world that exists either in the universe of the story or in the real world. INTj characters are good to know. Some literature could never have been written without a solid INTj character. Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and Severus Snape in Harry Potter are both INTj types. These are romantic hero archetypes. Knowing that an INTj male is a romantic hero in literature demonstrates that Duality is an important factor in character development. The ESFj reader empathizes with the hero and wants to give her Extroverted Feeling ability to the INTj. She also needs his Introverted Thinking in real life. Having an INTj anti-hero Snape in relation to Harry Potter, we find out that there is a reason for Snape's ambivalence toward Harry. The ambivalence is shown by Snape saving Harry's "life" on many occasions contrasted with humiliating the boy as a dunderhead the rest of the time. If we can type Harry, then we can determine if the author portrayed an accurate interrelationship between Snape and Harry. We can learn what that interrelationship looks like. Some on this site have suggested that Harry has a Super-ego relationship with Snape. This would further incite Snape toward hating the boy. The reason Snape is perceived as loathing Harry is also a function of the INTj type. Female fans swoon over Snape while JK Rowling tried to tell readers that he isn't such a great guy. He is angry and narcissistic. He loved and lost Harry' mother to his archenemy and untimately he lost her to her death. Harry is a constant reminder that she died to save Harry's life. Is it good to know that Severus Snape is an INTj? Yes. As an adult child of an INTj father, I have a bias. I am shocked that an INTj is a sex symbol on the Internet (For proof, just search Severus Snape images). I experienced firsthand his hurtful power struggles with his upperhand in logic and my lack of it. -- DZ INFp
A11 I agree with A4. He changes personality like a shape shifter changes physical form. I think Rowling wants to mould Harry Potter in to the youth she wishes she had been but not quite making it as she wants herself to resemble him. Potter might be a mix of INTP and ISTJ/P. -- ESTJ Female
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