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Question #1200083214Friday, 11-Jan-2008
Category: ENTp ISFp Duality
I encountered a guy who I'm fairly sure is my dual (ENTp), and although I've never held them to be the 'magical relationship' that some people assume, I'm disappointed. We seem to be on the same page about a lot of things and we communicate very well, but something is seriously holding me back from trusting this guy as a FRIEND. ISFps hold their own rather humanistic values and adhere to them above all else. ENTps are known for being "crafty and sly", and bending their concept of morals through their reasoning quite often. This seems like a pretty major catalyst for an argument to me. Anyone care to shed some light on why two 'duals' have such a major stumbling block, and yet are expected to get along so well? -- ISFp
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A1 Any type can be crafty and sly. They're just "crafty and sly" in a different way. ENTps and ISFps help each other in a relationship with their ego-block functions. And they basically appreciate each other for it. But it is no "magical relation". Just like any other kind of relationship, it takes both to take an interest in each other first for it to work romantically. -- mea
A2 The trouble with personality types is they only provide a basis for the the persons behaviour and can be effected by nurture. there fore your ENTP would exhibit non ENTP behaviour in practice. -- mick
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A3 we just TEND to be that way. it's different with everyone. don't not trust someone BECAUSE they are an entp. we're all different and not ALWAYS scheming. most of the time we are very loyal. once we decide to be. -- entp
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