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Question #1199233052Wednesday, 2-Jan-2008
Category: Typing Celebrities
What type is Dr. Laura? -- ducksgoquack
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A1 I thought a loose consensus is ESFj. I don't disagree with that but I have tried to type her in the past and haven't reached a good conclusion. -- econdude
A2 my guess is ESTJ, Not a lot of sentimental stuff. Smart thinking person able to make decisions based on logic much more than what "feels" right. She may cry ocassionally but it is never sentimential. -- Anonymous
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A3 Another possibility is ESTp - she absolutely dominates her second husband, to the point of having threatened him while she was pregnant with their son and insisting that her son have her last name, which she did not change after she married King Cream Puff. Not to say all ESTps would act like she does or that she is representative of whatever type she is. She has an outrageous personality and world view, in my opinion is a total hypocrite and she basically lives to increase her net wealth which is probably on track to reach $100 million if it isn't above that already. She gives snap answers to her callers and readily shows emotion. I don't see a lot of N preference in Dr. Laura so my guess is ESFj or ESTp. -- econdude
A4 The feeling comes from her head not her heart. Which is ok just not as warm as an F. She is definately a EST? She is pretty judgemental and not very open to others opinions,She doesn't seem to keep her options open to any other way of thinking which would most likely make her a J. ESTJ are very generous and giving and are preoccupied with MORALITY. -- INTP
A5 My guess is ISTj with strong dual-seeking and hidden agenda manifestations. -- Anonymous
A6 Based on her videos on youtube, she seems like a dominant Fe type, likely ENFj or ESFj. I don't think ISTj is likely, she has way too much energy and visual emotional range -- An INFj
A7 A6, if she isn't ISTj, then it's ISFj. Anyone can have energy and expressive emotions. The factors here are: a) how happy & healthy are they, and b) what context is engaging the essence of who they are so as to consistently ignite their emotions and permit free, rewarded expression. -- blubberbutt
A8 No, not really, they can't. People can have short periods of emotional outburst I'm sure, but to maintain that persona is an indication of type. IJ is a calm, rigid and monotonous temperament, it's the Socionic version of the Phlegmatic temperament. EJ, on the other hand, is restless and full of energy, which is why it needs IJ to make it feel calm, likewise IJ needs EJ to be the energetic initiator. EJ's possess a passionate energy that an IJ could not imitate even at their happiest, simply IJ's express their joy in more calm, reserved, manner. This is why we often come across cold/apathetic when it's just that we can't surface our emotions as easily as the other temperaments, although I imagine a lot of IP's who're Fe opposite have the same problem -- An INFj
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